Second Contact from Jim Edgar on Kirk Dillard’s Behalf

Was it the day that former Governor Jim Edgar endorsed State Senator Kirk Dillard for the Republican nomination for governor or the day after?

Had Google’s Blogger allowed me to post an article whatever day it was, I would have done so.

I was reminded I did not when a letter endorsing Dillard arrived in Friday’s mail.

It wasn’t personalized. Just a “Skinner Household” piece.

The corner card of the envelope reminded us that it was from “GOVERNOR JIM EDGAR.”

Oh, well.

One has to have a big ego if one is elected governor.

Edgar pitches Dillard’s role as his chief of staff during tough economic times.

Fair enough.

Edgar asks “Friends” to support Dillard’s campaign by volunteering or putting up a yard sign.

Strangely, no way is given to contact the Dillard campaign.

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