McHenry County Board to Vote on Referendum on Gambling Expansion

Outside of lottery outlets, church bingo, not-for-profit casino nights and the off-track betting parlor in McHenry, there is little legal gambling in McHenry County.

The passage of the non-threateningly named “video poker” will put video slot machines most taverns and restaurants in the State of Illinois.

Forty-some will be located in rural McHenry County, unless the McHenry County Board votes to ban them.

At Tuesday morning’s meeting of the McHenry County Board a resolution asking that citizens be given a chance to vote on a video poker referendum is on the agenda.

The last time there was an airing of the issue, lots of unemployed construction workers attended. They contended, incorrectly, according to State Rep. Jack Franks (D-Chicago) that construction projects would be endangered should the county ban five machines apiece for the forty-some bars and restaurants in unincorporated McHenry County.

If you are free to attend the Tuesday meeting, which begins at 9:00. The resolution featured here is way down on the agenda, so, goodness knows, when it will be voted upon.

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Crystal Lake “Heck of a Guy” blogger Allan Showalter altered this cover of Time Magazine to fit McHenry County.


McHenry County Board to Vote on Referendum on Gambling Expansion — 3 Comments

  1. Great art work in the ad. It is a shame that no one focuses on the issue of jobs for the working class men and women of this county. There is 11 billion in works programs that is a direct result of the passage of the gamming part. That is a 11 billion with a B. I know you have a job, but what about the 480,000 plus people in this state that are looking for some hope some relief in these troubled times. I have heard gambling is no way to fiance goverment, or it is a moral issue, I think this progressive capital bill allows for progress with social projects and road construction projects. Did anybody mention how much Mchenry county college will recieve from this capital program or how much industry will be a direct result of the 300,000 million in road construction projects. It is funny nobody tells that side of the story. Don’t fight for the guy saving his family by trying to work. Please save me from gaming, after all you have a job.

  2. It’s always amazing to me that people believe that tax money from gambling drops from Heaven. Actually, a dollar that is gambled away is a dollar that is NOT spent at some other business. And, will bonds be able to be based on unstable and unreliable gambling revenues? If gambling were to solve all budget problems, tell me why Las Vegas (which sends the majority of the social issues like addiction, bankruptcy, crime and corruption back out of town) isn’t doing fabulously at this time? Gambling in Illinois sits in its own cesspool of social problems. It’s not the answer to any of Illinois’ budget problems.

  3. Eloquently stated Mr. Webb.

    I have many friends, Veterans who have put their lives on the line for us and our country. These are many of the same people who are currently out of work and unable to pay their bills. Many attended the first county meeting where the pros to gambling were 5 to 1 over the cons. At a time when our government is spiraling financially out of control, we still tend to take care of many others before taking care of ourselves. Is it that the video gaming bill will enable us to benefit the unemployed populous of McHenry county by creating more jobs that offends you? Is it that we are helping those too close to home. Perhaps if we sent this money over seas, you would be more inclined to vote yes.

    A $2.00 maximun bet will not allow you to lose your home, financially strap your family, or create mob action in the community. No limit betting on your computer or Blackberry certainly holds to it more of a ramification. And, yes, it is perfectly legal.

    One of my veteran friends is a heavy machine operator who has been out of work since November 2008. He still is on a job waiting list, His number remains in the single digits, not having moved ahead since he lost his job. This money generated by the video poker would help with road infrastructure in a way so that instead of a patch work quilt, the road would be repaired- and he would be employed.

    Why do we refuse to let charity start at home ?

    Too bad this man spent countless, sleepless nights fighting to keep you all safe , secure and prosperous at home in the United States while he remained cold and alone amidst gunfire to protect you.

    Now, on the verge of losing everything he fought so valiantly to preserve, you, the same people he protected, turn your heads and close your hearts.

    Video gaming immoral? Look in the mirror……………..
    You have other issues.

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