Chris Geissler Announces for 8th Congressional District GOP Primary Election

The following press release was received from the campaign of Chris Geissler:

Geissler announces candidacy for the 8th Congressional District;
Calls out opponents for misleading voters

WAUCONDA, IL – Republican businessman Chris Geissler today announced his candidacy for the Eighth Congressional district in Illinois to run against two-term Democrat incumbent Melissa Bean, citing his platform as bringing jobs and businesses back to Illinois, stopping the growth of the federal government, fiscal responsibility, government transparency and ethics.

“I’m running this race because our current Congresswoman has for far too long not represented this district,” Geissler said. “She has voted consistently for irresponsible, reckless legislation such as the Wall Street bailout, the federal stimulus package and she now refuses to meet with her constituency about the healthcare bill. This is unacceptable, and I can’t sit by and watch her railroad our district with this out-of-control spending.”

Geissler works as a consultant for Deloitte Consulting LLP and points to his experience in conflict resolution research and analysis with business clients as a valuable asset for making changes in Washington.

“In my career I’ve had to listen to my clients’ complex problems in business, work with them to create solutions and assist them in the implementation of such plans to help their business grow its success. We need representation in Washington with business sense and a deep understanding of how to re-engineer the structure of politics to work for the people,” Geissler said.

Geissler met with National Republican Congressional Committee recruiter Congressman Kevin McCarthy earlier in the fall when members of the NRCC visited Chicago to interview candidates for the 2010 races.

“Congressman McCarthy was supportive of our efforts, and he shared his insight with me on the strategy and tactics that it would take to win this election and beat Melissa Bean,” Geissler said. “I’m encouraged by our meeting and looking forward to working with the Congressman and the NRCC further.”

Geissler today also called out other Republican candidates on misleading eighth district voters and compromising the public trust by not revealing what congressional districts they live in, failing to file the appropriate financial reports by the deadline and operating as opportunists trying to gain public office.

“No other Republican candidate could adequately represent our district and certainly not with the same integrity and dedication as I will,” Geissler said. “Two of the other Republican candidates live outside of the district, one has run for office twice before and lost, and none have been able to raise enough funds to beat the incumbent. It’s clear who can best represent the district, and I am looking forward to the opportunity.”

Pointing to Bean’s out-of-district residence, Geissler added, “We have had enough out-of-district representation from our Congresswoman. What message does that send if the Republican Party is willing to nominate a candidate from the 10th Congressional District to represent the 8th District?”

By the September 30 Federal Election Commission (FEC) filing deadline, only Geissler and one other opponent had filed the appropriate financial documents to reveal fundraising and expenditure details. According to federal law, any candidate who receives or spends $5,000 or more must file documents establishing a campaign committee with the FEC.

“There are several candidates with campaign committees operating in full force who did not file the required paperwork, and frankly, I’m disgusted to see how these candidates are already operating in a less-than ethical manner and preying on the people of the district. The families of the eighth district deserve better,” Geissler said.

Geissler filed his nominating petitions with the Illinois State Board of Elections in Springfield on Oct. 26, the first day to file, and noted that his support is district-wide, and the response from voters has been positive.

“I’ve been at train stations in the morning rush hours, knocking on doors every afternoon and attending as many community events as possible, and the support is overwhelming,” Geissler said. “The people of the eighth district have had their hearts broken, but they’re ready for some genuine, honest leadership from one of their own. If given the opportunity, I will bring that kind of leadership back to public service.”

Geissler graduated from Warren Township High School and the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign with a bachelor’s degree in Economics. He later graduated from Lake Forest Graduate School of Management with an MBA in International Management.  Geissler is 37-years old and lives in downtown Barrington with his wife Natalie.

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Chris Geissler Announces for 8th Congressional District GOP Primary Election — 2 Comments

  1. What makes anyone think Bean is vulnerable? After being re-elected the first time, very few incumbents have trouble retaining their seats.

  2. Bean, would not meet with constituents over ObamaCare, and voted for this horrendous bill. She is very vulnerable, and should be removed from office. Whe is a Democrat Party hack.

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