Jack Franks “Bridles” at Dennis Miller’s Suggestion of Term Limits

At about 10:45 yesterday morning I caught a little of Dennis Miller’s nationally broadcast interview of McHenry County State Rep. Jack Franks (D-Marengo).

Apparently Miller made a pitch for term limits.

And Franks, considering a run for Congress after reapportionment, didn’t like the idea.

What follows is a bit of what I jotted down.

Franks said he was the “first Democrat elected since 1834.”

Fact check time.

I’d think Franks would give more credit to the Democrats who previously represented McHenry County in the Illinois House. I served with State Rep. Tom Hanahan (D-Johnsburg) and, even if Franks doesn’t remember Billy Giblin, a farmer from the Union-Marengo area, I’ll bet his father Herb does.

Since Illinois had cumulative voting until Pat Quinn’s Cutback Amendment passed in 1982, my guess is there was a Democrat representing McHenry County except from 1983 until Franks took office in 1999.

“It’s the same bad actors.”

Before saying that, Franks had referred to McHenry County Establishment types. On the state level he mentioned Bob Kjellander and Bill Cellini.

“If you have newbies coming it, they’re going to get rolled.”

“Why not say, ‘I’m out of here in 8 years?’” Miller asked.

“You bridle at that?”

Franks then bragged of his “Sam’s Club for Seniors” pharmaceutical purchasing program, which he said represented “five years fighting with Big Pharma.”

“You’ve got corrupt officials stopping you,” explaining why a legislator like himself would need many terms in office the added before his segment was completed.

Miller addressed the legislator in the familiar “Jackie Franks” in his sign-off.

I’ve never hear anyone call Franks “Jackie.”

It occurs to me that someone of Franks’ relative youth (for Congress) might find term limits an issue that he would prefer not to face in a 2012 general election for Congress.

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