No Objections to Precinct Committeemen Filings in McHenry County

Friday was the deadline for challenges to challenge party offices, which means precinct committeemen.

The leadership of the two parties must be settled, since hotly contested precinct committeeman contests generally occur only during periods of leadership instability.

State central committeemen are elected in the Democratic Party only in McHenry County.

Republicans do not allow direct election of those serving on its state central committee, a matter of significant dispute among those in control and those who are not.  (State Senator Chris Lauzen, who represents Kane County south of the McHenry County line is the leader in the effort to institute direct democracy in the State GOP.)

Three people are running in the 16th district for the Democratic Party state central committeewoman slot:

  • Wendy Schneider of Rockford
  • Linda McNeely of Rockford
  • Barbara Votaw of Sycamore

Linda McNeely is the incumbent.

Barbara Votaw’s petitions have been protested.

The last day for filing objections for county and state candidates was five days earlier—the Monday before last.

All the Republican and Democratic Party candidates for county office will appear on the ballot without petition challenges.

Although Chris Maley of Springfield pulled the petitions of the first GOP challenger to State Rep. Jack Franks (D-Marengo) in three election cycles—McHenry Grade School and Library Board member John O’Neil—no challenge was filed.

On the congressional front, however, a Democratic Party operative is trying to the only primary opponent of 8th Congressional District Democrat Melissa Bean off the ballot.

The petitions of Woodstock Democrat Jonathan Farnick have been contested.

Farnick turned in just over the minimum number of signatures required, so it is likely that challenges will bring disqualification from appearing on the Democratic primary ballot.

The same man challenged the Green Party petitions of Bill Scheurer.

All candidate challenges had to be filed by last Monday.

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