The Grafton Township Board Game

Yesterday, “Lonely Girl” inspired an article about Grafton Township Supervisor being the only Grafton Township Board member to attend the Monday meetnig.

Today features “It’s All in the Game.”

And, be sure about it.

This is all a political game.

A political board game that Democrats two years from now may turn into a devastating campaign piece, as they did with their

Monoploy McHenry County

McHenry County Monopoly
The Game of One Party Rule

Just think of the ridicule possible.

Monopoly Community Chest cardA Community Chest card that says,

Grand Opening of Brand New Offices
Try to Collect $3.5 million without a referendum

Or, how about one saying,

Take Food Pantry Equipment without Approval

Monopoly Chance Card Get out of jail free

Or a Chance Card with

Sit Where You Are
No Quorum

Or, maybe

Lose Your Turn
You Boycotted the Meeting

You get the idea.

A devastating campaign in the making.

And Republicans are doing it all to themselves.

= = = = =
In grad school at the University of Michigan, the most perceptive book I read was Anthony Downs’ “The Behaviorial Theory of the Firm.”

It’s premise was that business organizations don’t know they are failing until it is too late to save themselves.

Most of Grafton Township is now represented 50% by Democrats on the McHenry County Board.

If that wasn’t an early warning call, I can’t image what would be.

It must be so much fun to be a Democrat in McHenry County.

And being a Republican?

It’s all defense, a result of over 100-years of one-party rule and not having to worry about consequences of decisions that are open to criticism.

Today, think of General Motors. I think one of his examples was buggy whip manufacturers.


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