Blog v. Blog Comment Mud Fight

Blog v Blog Neatly DoneA while ago, McHenry County Blog took note that the blog

Dirty Keith vs. Dirty Harry

had something of a counterpart in

The Diametrical Woodstock Advocate

Bachmann Tombstone horizontalAlas, former Democratic candidate for McHenry County Coroner David Bachmann’s frequent updates have not inspired the anonymous author of “The Diametrical Woodstock Advocate,” to continue posting.

Originally inspired, it seems obvious, by now-Woodstock Green candidate for sheriff Gus Philpott’s blog

The Woodstock Advocate

But in the comments below the story

McHenry County Sheriff’s Race – Blog v. Blog

might entertain you.  Click on the title of the story and have a look at the 20-some comments.  Some are really heated.  Bachmann does not hold back when he is attacked.


Blog v. Blog Comment Mud Fight — 8 Comments

  1. Whether you agree with The Diametrical Woodstock Advocate or not, you have to admit it’s pretty damn funny. Helluva writer whoever it is.

  2. It is apparant through the postings that Bachmann is still a little hurt by his HUGE defeat by Lantz. Karen, I agree….. the Diametrical Advocate is hilarious! Bachmann’s is a little difficult to read though. I often wonder if he writes while on a LSD trip.

  3. Following Bachmann’s site, it’s obvious he has some serious anger over his failed political run and has decided his axe should be ground against Nygren in the most personal ways possible. I think people should be careful of encouraging him. His anger seems like it would not take much to possibly turn even for the worse at some point.

  4. Went to Nygren’s anti-Zane website today. That guy that authors that site is a putz. No wonder he won’t reveal his identity. If he is a deputy, Nygren should be ashamed. What’s with the hoity-toity attitude. Bachmann comes off angry, this guy comes off like a fruit cake. I want Bachmann to put his site back up, it may be angry but at least we can see what Nygren is up to. Even the NWH was forced to print a story or two. Can’t say the same for that fruit cake diametrical guy.

  5. I must admit I could care less about the upcoming Sheriff race, but I will say I am turned off by Bachmann’s nit-picky attitude. Seriously, who cares that the Sheriff had a steak dinner in Florida. Is that really relevant to the campaign? Consider the real issues, like ILLEGAL Immigration ENFORCEMENT, making our roads safer getting the unlicensed and uninsured drivers off of the road, ethical issues such as writing traffic tickets to people who are actually driving and not passengers, etc. These are the issues that are brought forward. In reading the diametrical advocate, it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to see that the authors objective is to bring to light the ignorance brought forward on the Dirty Keith site.

  6. I agree with Daniel. I don’t care how many houses the Sheriff has or how he tries to skirt tax laws. I don’t care if cops smack around a couple of geezers in the course of busting into their house. I don’t care about illegal politicking. I don’t care that the Sheriff doesn’t really live here. I don’t care how many wives he’s had or if he rented a “love shack. I don’t care how he uses taxpayer funds to feed his cronies steak dinners. I don’t care if he let deputies help facilitate the theft of official government documents. I don’t care if deputies lie to cover their mistakes. I don’t care if he’s under investigation by the FBI. I don’t care how many civil lawsuits have popped up in the last couple of years. I don’t care how crazy this Sgt. Pyle or Sir Longshanks character is. All I care about is getting these darn Mexicans off the road.

  7. Deputy Greg Pyle by several eyewitness accounts from employees at the McHenry County Sheriff’s office, have come forward to state:
    1) Deputy Greg Pyle has been seen carrying, and reading Sir Pumpkin Longshanks within the Squad Room area of the Sheriff’s Department.
    2) The Book Sir Pumpkin Longshanks” and “Shakespear have been seen sitting on the office desk of Sgt. Greg Pyle.
    3) Emails he has sent, ALL contain Shakespearian quotes, and he hides behind his email address as being SIR Pumpkin Longshanks.
    4) He states he ‘Humbly Blushes
    5) Sgt Pyle has shown employees at the Sheriff’s Department, pictures of ‘Hamsters’ wearing ‘Pancake Hates.’ The same ‘hats’ that you see on Zane Seiplers photo depicting him as a ‘clown,’
    6) Sgt. Greg Pyle served in the US Army during the “2000’s
    And there is more hard evidence. Deputy Pyle will in fact be sent a ‘subpoena’ to answer detailed questions under oath in ‘deposition.’
    Mr. Pyle recently stated that he was in the country of “Lebanon” looking at my site, thus I have a ‘hit’ on my site meter from the county “Lebanon.” Dated November 23, 2009
    I have some Federal Agents that would like to discuss this with you Sgt. Pyle.
    I have in fact been working on a case of National Significance that is tied to Lebanon, since 2005. So I will have Mr. Pyle visited on this issue.
    Fact: I have NOT worked as a Funeral Director since 1994. Although I have kept a valid Illinois License active until this past re-newel period. Mr. Pyle has NO idea what I have been doing.
    As far as my getting ‘Trounced in the 2008 Coroners election. Mr. Deckman, from Lake Mary Florida, not even living in McHenry County, how many votes did you and Sgt. Pyle obtain sitting on the sidelines ‘spewing’ your all knowing worthless opinions?
    So, although Ms. Lantz after 30 years in office and running as a Republican, beat me 75,000 votes to just over 52,000 votes.. Well, for a guy who had left McHenry County for 17 years, held ZERO Fundraisers, and attended ONE parade…while Ms. Lantz sweated and was forced to attend ALL the parades as I watched her via video camera from my home well outside McHenry County, I’d say I was well entertained at the least and made Ms. Lantz “Earn” her office. She did so and I support her 100 percent.
    Keeping perspective Mr. Deckman, and Deputy Pyle, I received 52,000 votes more than you or Sgt. Pyle…. AND, I DON’T HIDE BEHIND FALSE NAMES… So that “Dog won’t hunt.”
    Maybe one day, you will have the ‘courage’ to put your name out there and at least try to make a difference. Its not always about winning or losing. Its self respect I keep in tact. What about you gentleman. It’s easier to sit at your computer and ‘Criticize’ others, eh?
    Sgt. Pyle should just come out of the closet…. After reading your Blushing statements on your blog, maybe you haven’t told Mommy and Daddy yet?
    Maybe Pyle is afraid I am going to sue him. Let me be clear. Lawsuits are for big businesses who need the courts to settle disputes that usually involve ‘Important; issues that affect many. I have no such intentions and would greatly respect Sgt. Pyle to just be a man and come out with it. I can handle it. Can he? Pyle and his two supporters throw around the word “slander.” Slander is a legal term to describe “Spoken” words…. do you mean “Libel”….? Bring it on
    As far as my being angry. If I wrote and told McHenry County citizens what I know to be true, ie: a TIP OFF to a drug house that was a Set Up to see who the Informant was that gave the Tip Off to the dealers, guess who the Rat was???? Wanna guess…. somebody in the Sheriff Department? They were ‘set up ’
    This went on in Hebron… I laid out photo’s of the Pit Bull sitting on a roof top as a look out….. Somebody in the Sheriff’s Department reading this now knows, that I know
    Moreover, if this was going on right next door to your own home, how would you feel? How would you feel if the only remedy you had to secure your family after a full year of trying to get the Sheriff to help clear the drugs and gang elements out from your own yard and property was to literally hand your house keys back to the bank and take a $180,000 loss to protect your family because you SAW WITH YOUR OWN EYES your Sheriff’s Department giving Warning that you saw cocaine and other drugs laid out on the driveway of said drug house….
    What did I see….I will lay out the story on December 23rd. Then, everybody will see why I may seem a bit ‘angry.’ It’s not so much as anger, as it is ‘disappointment’ of an unbelievable ‘breach’ of trust. I supported and believed in Keith Nygren, until his office was ‘set up’ and they took the bait….. and I along with others, saw it all before our own eyes.
    And then to have the Sheriff intentionally lie to the NW Herald to cover and save his own tail…. by calling my Investigative Instincts into question to intentionally discredit a story he was afraid I would publish. Well, Sheriff, I am going to publish it
    From what I now know about you, Sheriff, I doubt you were even at the office when this event took place. So I’m not saying YOU personally were involved…. But you have a ‘security breach’ within the walls of your department I witnessed it because I was the one that “set” it up
    So, two out of the hundred’s of people who have read all this, believe I have made Slanderous statements? I can assure you I would invite ANY attempts by Nygren and /or Pyle to sue me. As they say, I didn’t just fall off your Pumpkin Wagon Mr. Pyle. I’d welcome the opportunity to tell all I know and to reveal what it is exactly what I have been doing.
    “I will break you Pyle Think very carefully before you make your next move. Be assured, I have anticipated and have prepared for any and all events. As they say, This Ain’t my first trip to the Rodeo ”

    “Didn’t you find it interesting how I “Disappeared” in the middle of the night right after the 2008 election?

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