Administrators Leaving Huntley School District

Ferrier, Tersa looking left head shotFirst it was Teresa Ferrier. She was the Fiscal Services Director at Huntley’s District 158 until she was hired by Cary Grade School District 26 in mid-June of this year. T. Ferrier (as she likes to be known) started July 1st. Her base salary is $98,000, plus Teachers Retirement System and insurance benefits.

Jenkins on far left of 8-3-9 bd meeting video

Dave Jenkins is on far left of this Sept. 3rd board meeting video.

Now I am informed by Crystal Lake Grade School District 47 Chief Financial Officer Susan Shepard that Huntley’s Chief Operations Officer David Jenkins has been hired to be 47’s Director of Technology, the field from which he was came. His salary is also $98,000 a year. Stewart, Glenn looking leftJenkins was chosen by Huntley Superintendent John Burkey when Chief Operations Officer Glen Stewart unexpectedly resigned. There’s a board meeting on Thursday, but I can’t find anything about Jenkins’ leaving in the board packet’s personnel report…yet. And no one can blame Larry Snow for being the reason these two top administrators resigned, since he left the Huntley school board in May.

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