Questions Local Newspapers Asked McHenry County Board Candidates – Part 3, the Daily Herald

Saturday we showed the questions that county board candidates were asked to answer by the only weekly newspaper that takes an interest in local government. Sunday, what the Northwest Herald sent candidates was published.

Today, take a look at the Daily Herald’s questionnaire:

From the Daily Herald:

1.  NameDaily Herald Masthead

2..  Party

3.  Date of birth

4.  Incumbent

5.  Occupation

6.  Address

7.  Age

8.  Date of Birth

9.  Birthplace

10.  Family

11.  Religion

12.  Education/Degrees

13.  Civic Involvement

14.  Endorsements

15.  Offices Held

16.  Other Government Services

17.  Key Issue 1

18.  Key Issue 2

19.  Key Issue 3

20.  If county revenues remain flat or decline as expected in 2010, what specific measures would you support to maintain a balanced budget without raising taxes or dipping deeply into county reserves?

21.  McHenry County has made groundwater preservation a priority, hiring a water resources manager and helping create a protection program.  Describe where you think these efforts should go from here.  Should the county monitor use of water by new development?

22.  Foreclosures continue to rise, leaving some residents without a home and others contending with depressed property values.  What can the county do to help residents facing foreclosure and keep entire neighborhoods from suffering as a result?

23.  More than two years ago, the county hired a firm to run its Valley Hi nursing home after the facility ran about $12 million in the red.  What’s your assessment of this?  Should the public/private arrangement, once considered a short-term fix, continue?

24.  What is your view of McHenry County’s response to the H1N1 threat?

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