Concept Drawings of the Proposed McHenry County Sportsplex in Lakewood

Details from the application for a Federal Stimulus Fund-subsidized $18 million loan the award of which is controlled by the McHenry County Board was discussed yesterday.

There will be a 125,000 square foot indoor facility, plus “multiple baseball, softball, soccer, basketball, volleyball and other competition fields (e.g., lacorsse) to complement the complete array of sporting needs in and around the market area of McHenry County.”

“An ‘extreme’ sports area” will include “a BMX course, Skateboard Park, Obstacle course,” etc.

“Underserved athletes in the community including handicapped, autistic and blind participants” will be served.

The business plan notes that 25% of all McHenry County’s youth athletes use facilities outside of the county.

Besides President Lou Tenore, the investors are identified only as

The management team is identified as overseeing “the  largest baseball tournament in the in the United States, (plus) the largest indoor basketball league and training program in Illinois.”

Further hints as to management’s identity are contained in this description:

“The management team is composed of local McHenry County residents who have either been employed in youth and adult athletic competition field or have done it voluntarily in nonprofit organizations in this industry.”

Today, let’s take a look at some concept drawings of what the 180-acre area on Routes 47 and 176 might look like if the project reaches fruition.

Here is what you might see as you drive past:

Below is what it might look like from the air:

Retail space in contemplated, which might look like what you see below:

There will be a sports bar. Below you see two views of what is contemplated:

A view from the North of the Sportsplex is below:

The meeting of the County Finance and Audit Committee is scheduled to begin at 9:30 Tuesday morning in the county board conference room Woodstock’s Administrative Center.

Committee members will consider the proposal, whose financing may be assisted by an admissions tax “to repay public support for the project.”

$400,000 in real estate taxes are contemplated annually.  There would be about $1.6 million a year in sales tax.

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