Legislative Pro-Life Endorsements

When I wrote the story about the Citizens for Life pro-life endorsements yesterday, there was an omission that deserves noting.

Instead of taking a dive this year, the Republican Party has put up a candidate to challenge veteran Democratic Party State Representative Jack Franks.

His name is John O’Neill and he holds three elective offices in the McHenry area.  I left him out of the original (but now modified) post.

He is on the grade school board, the library board and is a GOP precinct committeeman.

I left him out of the article.

So you can see the differences on the abortion issue among those in legislative office and those running in McHenry County, a summary of the local ratings follows:

Fully Pro-Life

  • Mike Tryon (R-Crystal Lake)
  • John O’Neill (R-McHenry)

Unknown (Did not answer or complete survey)

  • Jack Franks (D-Marengo)
  • Bob Kaempfe (R-Crystal Lake)
  • Mark Beaubien (R-Barrington Hills)

= = = = =
John O’Neill is top left. On the right is Mike Tryon. From left to right on the bottom are Bob Kaempfe, Mark Beaubien and Jack Franks.

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