ALAW Gets Two Replies on Ethics Disclosure Form

Maybe the times they are a changing.

The following press release from ALAW, the Alliance for Land, Agriculture and Water tells of two new aspirants for the McHenry County Board having answered the questions on the income and asset disclosure form which the group has asked be passed before the primary election.

District 3 County Board Candidate Craig Steagall

2nd District County Board Candidate Donna Kurtz

The two candidates are Craig Steagall running in District 3 and Donna Kurtz running in District 2. Both districts have large parts of Crystal Lake in them, the dividing line being Crystal Lake Avenue (the Algonquin-Nunda Township line).

The press release from the Alliance for Land, Agriculture and Water follows:


Two candidates for County Board in the upcoming primary have voluntarily sent ALAW statements pursuant to the ALAW conflicts disclosure ordinance. These disclosures are posted here.

ALAW presented the draft ordinance to the County Board on December 2, 2009.  If passed, the ordinance will require up front disclosure of appointed and elected county officials’ real estate holdings and business relationships with the county.

These disclosures were unsolicited, but certainly are welcome indications of the candidates’ stance on transparency.  We are hopeful that other candidates will be joining Craig Steagall and Donna Kurtz in taking this position.  As one candidate, Craig Steagall, said, “I am in favor of 100% and cannot imagine an elected official serving without providing this information in a public manner.”

ALAW would like to remind all candidates to send us the ALAW Survey on environmental and related issues. Surveys were mailed to all candidates on December 22, 2009 and are due to ALAW by January 10, 2010. We cannot endorse a candidate without the survey responses.

Alliance for Land Agriculture and Water
PO Box 1021, Woodstock
Contact: Patricia Kennedy 815-943-7223

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Here’s my question of the other candidates:

Any more volunteers?


ALAW Gets Two Replies on Ethics Disclosure Form — 2 Comments

  1. Cal,

    Why shold these simple disclosures become news? Just because the disclosures are voluntary? Perhaps they question the establishment’s hold on county government. Perhaps these two want to show the example of true transparency that we have been cryng for? Steagell and Kurtz are the only candidates I know right now who are running for their constiuents.

  2. I think it IS a newsworthy item (and a sad one) when candidates for any office in Illinois voluntarily come forward with their disclosures. It gives me a little more faith in that candidate. This and Kurtz’ conversion about being anti-baseball stadium really help to make her my candidate of choice. Of course being censured by the MCC board for her change, a board of ineptitude based on their inability to make one good choice about MCC president, is only a badge of honor.

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