McHenry County Sheriff’s Candidate Zane Seipler Gives Position on Illegal Immigration

Zane Seipler

Probably all campaigns have rumors against the opposing candidate or candidates.

One Zane Seipler has been getting feedback about is that he favors illegal immigration.

So, he has issued the following press release to make his position clear.

“Recently a question has been raised with regards to my views on illegal immigration.

“I am a staunch supporter of an immigration policy which must include total security along our borders and ports of entry.

“I believe that American businesses and contractors should be severely penalized if they knowingly employ people who are in violation of immigration law.

“I do not believe that government benefits should be extended to people who enter our country illegally. I also believe that law enforcement should vigorously track down and arrest dangerous criminal elements within the illegal population.

“I do not support an immigration policy that includes amnesty to people who are currently in this country illegally.”

I guess that’s what happens when one is married to a Latina emergency room nurse born in San Fernando, California.

Seip[er says he can be reached for discussion on this or any other issue at
or (847) 561-1180

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