Lady Justices in Crystal Lake After Work

If you drive past D’Andrea Banquets this evening between 5:30 and 7:30, my bet is the parking lot will be jammed.

The McHenry Lawyers for Justice Schostok will be hosting a $30 fund raiser with payment at the door.

Besides the honoree Justice Mary S. Schostok, her colleague Ann B. Jorgensen will be there as a “special guest.”

So far, I have seen the two appointed 2nd Appellate Court Justices selected from among hundreds of applicates by Illinois Supreme Court Justice Bob Thomas twice times in McHenry County.

McHenry County State Rep. and GOP Central Committee Chairman Mike Tryon poses with Appellate Court Justices Mary Schostok and Ann Jorgensen at the Nunda Township Republican Picnic this summer.

First they were out campaigning this summer at the Nunda Township Republican Picnic.

Appellate Court Justice Mary Schostok (behind the table) and Ann Jorgensen greet precinct committeemen as they pass out literature and signs in Crystal Lake last Friday night.

Then, last Friday night, they were greeting precinct committeemen at the McHenry County Republican Central Committee’s literature pickup.

I’m sure no attorney with a general practice wants to be in appellate court, but, every once in a while cases do get appealed.

At $30 to attend the affair the price is certainly within the reach of attorneys in McHenry County. I would assume members of the public who would like to attend would be welcome as well.

Probably not attending will be the Grafton Township Trustees who wanted to build a township hall without adequate public notice or getting approval at the ballot box. The two lady justices, along with Crystal Lakes Sue Hutchison put the kabosh on that in a decision earlier this year.

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