Compassion International Another Established Agency in Haiti

We Skinners know because we sponsor a child about 25 miles east of the earthquake’s epicenter.

Jeff Leonard’s about my son’s age and lives with his grandmother and two other children in the family.

The grandmother sometimes sells things in the market.

His chores include gathering firewood, carrying water and helping in the kitchen.

I can’t tell from the photos we have received whether this now-12-year old is standing in front of his school or his home. Considering it seems to be built with concrete blocks, my guess is that it is his school.

Whatever the building, the concrete blocks might look like this today.

Jeff likes soccer and bicycling, is active in his church, is in choir and attends camp.

He’s a better correspondent that my family is.

No word from Compassion International about Jeff’s well-being yet, but the organization has indicated that money would be put to good use in its network of contacts in Haiti. The Haiti contribution page is here.

I was induced to sign up for a Compassion child by singer Bebo Norman at the First United Methodist Church of Crystal Lake. He offered a free CD to those who made the commitment to support a child under the program.

So, if you would like to contribute to a group with a Christian mission, this is one place to go.

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