So, You Want to Know More about the Lakewood SportsPlex?

When driving along Rute 47, you may see this in the future.

Here’s the first of a series of article that Pete Gonigam has written for his First Electric Newspaper.

It’s entitled,

FEN Finds Possible Problems for Proposed SportsPlex

You can read about and see the Prairie Grove maraschino cherry processing plant that Lake in the Hills resident and SportsPlex CEO Lou Tenore owns.

The article reports that “at the moment the EB-5 fund owns 65 percent of the company, the Management Group 35 percent. Later on the Management group will end up with a 51 percent interest.”

The intriguing description of tomorrow’s article is

“How Do You Say ‘Sportsplex’ in Farsi?”

The McHenry County Board is poised to vote on whether to allocate $18 million of its $27 million in Federal stimulus money to the Lakewood development.

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