Huntley School Board to Vote on Superintendent’s New Contract

You can see the vote scheduled for a Superintendent contract as item 14.1 tonight on the agenda in the online board packet.

See page 5 here.

John burkey, Superintendent of Huntley School Disrtrict 158

After having made the school teachers’ contract public on its web page, wouldn’t you think the District 158 might do the same for the highest paid employee?

Sorry. You’d be disappointed.

There is no disclosure of the contract expected to be approved for John Burkey tonight..

How’s that for transparency?

At the last board meeting, Controller Mark Altmayer had this to say about transparency in Huntley;

“We definitely pride ourselves on being transparent.”

There is certainly a disconnect between words and deeds.

It certainly does not help increase voters trust of government.

Meanwhile at the McHenry County Young Republicans county board candidates’ forum at 1776 last night, District 3 candidate Craig Steagall, who runs Woolf Distributing told of how he had built his company from $1 million to $60-65 million before “Obamoconics” sent his company into a downturn.

“Business dropped 25-35%,” he said.

What happened to high salaries?

“If a person made more than $50,000 a year, you got cut 20%.

“In one year, we did not lose one employee until one decided to got to New Orleans to work on an oil rig.”

That’s how a sizable firm in McHenry County coped with the economic downturn.

Tomorrow night, the public will see how one of McHenry County’s largest employers copes.

Of course, taxes haven’t gone down 25-35%, have they?

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