Keith Nygren Maintains $123,000 in Campaign Fund

McHenry County Sheriff Keith Nygren remains King of the Hill in local campaign financing.

At mid-year he had $122,712.48.

January 1st he had $122,994.44.

During the last half of 2009, he raised $41,265 and spent $40,983.

Big campaign expenditures include

  • $8,048 for a banquet at Union’s Village Hall Banquets
  • $6,749 for Liberty Outdoor Advertising
  • $1,072 for postage
  • $1,070 for raffle winner Sharon McFarlin
  • $1,005 for printing at Woodstock’s Copy Express

Primary opponent Zane Seipler’s campaign disclosure had not been posted when this article was written last night. Certainly it will show far fewer resources.

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