Tribune-WGN Poll Shows Governors’ Races Tightening

Kirk Dillard

Andy McKenna

As I suggested after I got Mary Pat’s call on behalf of Andy McKenna earlier today, the race for the Republican nomination for governor has narrowed down to three candidates:

  • Andy McKenna – 19%
  • Jim Ryan – 18%
  • Kirk Dillard – 14%

The Tribune’s Eric Zorn is reporting the results seen above.

17% reported still being undecided.

Among those with less than 10%, here are the results:

  • Bill Brady – 9%
  • Adam Andrzejewski – 7%
  • Dan Proft – 6%

Bob Schillerstrom had 2%, but he dropped out in favor of Jim Ryan today.

In the Democratic Party primary, Zorn reports

  • Pat Quinn – 44%
  • Dan Hynes – 40%

As Zorn puts it,

Game on.


Tribune-WGN Poll Shows Governors’ Races Tightening — 1 Comment

  1. No one can say “our votes don’t matter” in this one. Well, almost no one.

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