Daily Herald Endorses McHenry County Incumbents

Looking for something else, I found a summary of the Daily Herald’s endorsements in McHenry County’s Republican primary.

All the incumbents were endorsed. When the paper couldn’t find enough incumbents running, it endorsed incumbent Republicans who were defeated by Democrats two years ago.

It appears the Daily Herald doesn’t think there is reason for any voter unrest in McHenry County.

But it does remind me of Dan Walker political operative and Department of Transportation Rest Stop Inspector Gary Fears.  In 1976, my intern Art Sternberg, then a Lakewood resident, now a Chicago lawyer, examined Fears’ time cards to make sure he didn’t take more time off for politics than he had coming in vacation and personal days off.

And off the public payroll came Fears.

At the time Springfield Republican Bill Cellini’s group got money to build a new Downtown hotel next to the new convention denter, Fears got money to build a Holiday Inn in Collinsville, my failing memory tells me.

At one point Walker ally State Rep. Hal Byers said that Fears wanted to know why I disliked him so much.  Since I had never met Fears, I had and have no animosity toward him.  I just thought if Dan Walker were going to have political operatives they should be on his political payroll, not my constituents’.

I don’t know whether it was then or later, that someone, maybe Byers, told me that Fears was a member of “the Incumbent Party.”  He supported whoever was in power.

Maybe the Daily Herald is a member of the Incumbent Party, too.


Daily Herald Endorses McHenry County Incumbents — 2 Comments

  1. Thats no surprise they like the turmole that comes from the Corruption that you say is in this State. Its in both parties not just one. With the Rohm and Haas/ Modine situation and fighting in the States Attorneys office and the issues with the Sheriff Department. Lets see Phil Crane didn’t live here full time and he got replaced. Maybe we will see a replacement in that department too. I believe that if you are an official you have to be in full time no excuses. That shows you don’t care about us as taxpayers. When people get put in jail for doing the right thing the wrong people are representing us.

  2. I honestly think the daily herald people are just going through the motions. I don’t think they have done any home work. I think you will find this to be the case more and more as the print media continues to die its slow death. They certainly don’t have a clue about district 2. Mr. Thirtyacre, I do not agree with you on a lot of things but you have reminded me of the words I first heard in a comic book….”People should not be afraid of their government. The government should be afraid of its people.” That should be the way it is. However, “the people” just have to wake up and give a crap. Good luck to all who really do

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