Salaries of McHenry County Sheriff’s Department Supervisors

Considering the front page story in the Northwest Herald last week about there being one supervisor for every three deputies, I thought readers might be interested in what the supervisors get paid.

The following information was obtained through a Freedom of Information request from the Sheriff’s Department by challenger Zane Seipler’s campaign. It is posted at his secondary web site, MCSDExposed (for “McHenry County Sheriff’s Department Exposed,” I guess), but is no longer on its front page.

The 2009 Wage Report for MCSD was provided today via FOIA request. Keith Nygren’s salary was $149,259.32, a $5000 increase from last year. Listed below are the twenty four other deputy supervisors and the EEO.

  • Under Sheriff Eugene Lowery $136,544.37
  • Sergeant Porfirio Campos-Cruz $83,461.62
  • Lieutenant Donald Carlson $97,580.59
  • Sergeant Duane Cedegren $93,544.91
  • Sergeant Michael Cisner $98,137.88
  • Captain Anton Cundiff $107,519.33
  • Sergeant Alex Embry $89,513.35
  • Sergeant Karen Groves $87,891.53
  • Sergeant Carolyn Hubbard $89,573.22
  • Sergeant Donald Kalenick $85,544.37
  • Sergeant John Koziol $99,558.30
  • Lieutenant William Lutz $99,363.05
  • Lieutenant John Miller $105,141.26
  • Sergeant Kenneth Nielsen $92,378.49
  • Sergeant Daniel Patenaud $88,171.19
  • Sergeant Anthony Penna $98,320.79
  • Sergeant James Popovits $101,143.16
  • Sergeant Greg Pyle $94,183.61
  • Sergeant Daniel Reineking $98,510.24
  • Sergeant Steve Schmitt $90,072.54
  • EEO Kathleen Seith $93,276.86
  • Captain David Shepherd $120,966.40
  • Sergeant James Wagner $92,968.84
  • Lieutenant Andrew Zinke $103,835.64


  • 17 supervisors increased there yearly income, 7 decreased or remained the same.
  • Largest increases in yearly salary goes to Lowery +$10,000, Shepherd +$12,000 and Embry +$15,000
  • Largest decreases in yearly salary goes to Cedegren -$4,000 and Carlson -$3,000


Salaries of McHenry County Sheriff’s Department Supervisors — 3 Comments

  1. Grand total for just the Supervisors 2,347,190.00 and we wonder why they need more money. I work for the state for mear 60,000 and half to dodge cars that, who could care less if i lived or died, but just fill that pothole so they aren’t slowed down at all. Oh and just for my thanks I get a single finger! Where’s the justice in that and we are told be thankful we have a job. And told to pay more taxes on top of that. Don’t you just love this county.

  2. Yes, we do. Got a better one Thirtyacre? (Country) Didn’t think so…

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