Who Disabled the Lights on Zane Seipler Rt. 176 Billboard?

The biggest billboard in the McHenry County Sheriff’s campaign was donated to challenger Zane Seipler.

It says,

Zane Seipler for Sheriff

Old enough to get the job done.

Too young to be a good old boy.

Vote February 2nd. ZANE4SHERIFF.COM

The Clear Channel billboard on Route 176 east of Route 31 now has its lights repaired.

Ironically, it’s on Route 176 behind the Crystal Bowl right down the street from former State Senator Jack Schaffer’s Liberty Outdoor. Schaffer’s firm puts up 4 by 8 foot paper signs and Nygren has purchased $7,449 worth.

This week vandals turned out its lights.

They cut the wires to the lights.

I figure it was the most expensive sign vandalism in McHenry County history, certainly more costly than stealing a plastic or plywood 4 by 8.

I wonder if it was same vandal that stole my Zane for Sheriff sign.

There is no reason to believe that Sheriff Keith Nygren knows anything about the vandalism of his supporters.

Veteran candidates like Nygren know how stolen signs bring the kind of word-of-mouth that turns voters against one’s candidacy.

“Save me from my friends,”

comes to mind as something he might be saying right about now.

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