8th District Watch – Dirk Beveridge Sends Small Business Piece

This is a mailing aimed at small businessmen, I think.

In 1996, I had a Crystal Lake mail list man put together a small business list. It was huge.

In Barrington Township, I’m remembering it was every fourth household.

In any event, you can see what went out below.  Click to enlarge any image.

A piece aimed at small businessmen. Note the quote from one of the more recognizable area small businessmen, Richard Pepper.

On the back is a quote from the 2009 Chairman of the Illinois Manufacturers Assocation, Ron Bullock, Chairman and Owne rof Bison Gear & Engineering Corp., plus endorsements from the Chicago Tribune, Daily Herald and Pioneer Press and a list of small businessmen.

If other candidates want to send me what they have mailed to voters, I’ll do my best to post it.

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