Wisconsin License Plates on the Jeep Keith Nygren Drives

License plate 989-NHH on a white Jeep into which Sheriff Keith Nygren and his wife drove from the fundraiser for Appellate Justice Mary Schostok. It has a license plate holder saying, "POSSE SHERIFF NYGREN."

I found this Wisconsin license plate in the parking lot of D’Andrea the night of the event for Appellate Court Justices Mary Schostok and Ann Jorgensen.

While looking for a big, lit up Nygren sign in the parking lot, I saw McHenry County Sheriff Keith Nygren and his wife Marge get into a large white Jeep with a Wisconsin license plate and a Nygren’s Posse license plate holder.

It prompted me to send this email yesterday morning to Nygren’s campaign web site.

Brent Smith sent me out to the parking lot at Schostok’s fund raiser to get a photo of your sign, which he said was lighted.  Searching the parking lot, I ran across a white Jeep with Wisconsin plates.  It had a Nygren Posse license plate holder.  (At the far edge of the parking lot I finally found the pickup truck, but with an unlit sign.)

Cary village Trustee Ray Chisholm and, later, Woodstock Mayor Brian Sager and I talked on the steps.  Then you and Marge left the event, got into the Jeep and drove away.

Why does the Jeep have Wisconsin license plates?

By the time I went to bed, having scheduled this to be posted shortly after midnight, Sheriff Nygren had not replied.


Wisconsin License Plates on the Jeep Keith Nygren Drives — 3 Comments

  1. Cal, this could be as simple as the Nygrens own this vehicle via a Wisconsin Corporation they could well own? Owning three homes certainly sends the impression that the Nygrens are successful business people. Nothing wrong with that. Good for them!

    But my heavens, the expenses alone of all the travel between all the homes. Airfare, gasoline, drivers, food… My oh my! You might find the answer to this question by looking at ‘Dirty Keith’ blog today.

    If you ‘dig’ deep enough Cal, you will find many ‘unusual’ things surrounding the Nygrens dealings. Its not the material items the Nygrens have seemingly amassed as public servants you understand. Good for them for being successful.

    Its all the ‘unexplained time” away from “We the People” who look to Sheriff Nygren to protect our families and neighbors that is so troubling.

    Maybe Sheriff Nygren has made a commitment to himself to re-dedicate his efforts these next four years should he win both elections he now faces? The question really is not about how many homes or cars Sheriff Nygren owns. Rather it’s a question of; will he “Serve and Protect?”

    My personal experience with Sheriff Nygren says he will not. Maybe if he is elected, he will show trusting citizens he can? Fool us once, shame on you Sheriff. Fool us twice….I’m not so sure your going to get that chance Sheriff.

    I’ve since moved…. All I can do is ‘warn’ the voters this time. Go to http://www.dirtykeithvsdirtyharry.blogspot.com Spend an hour. You will be shocked when you see the Legal Documents that prove what I assert about Nygren’s work ethic!

    Also personal issues that go to the issue of “Integrity.” We expect our top “Lawman” to exude “Integrity!” All documents are authentic and the documents tell the story. I don’t have to.

    The sad truth is, Nygren just as he stated about the “Pavlin” beat down “Brutality” case….he just doesn’t know what really happened there either! Maybe he was in the white jeep seven hours north at his Wisconsin home?

    Interestingly, often times “Punks” who visited my old drug dealing neighbors, also had Wisconsin license plates? Weren’t the large drug fields found in Hebron Cal? Doesn’t the Sheriff live in Hebron, Illinois. Heck, I can’t keep up with him anymore!


  2. Cal, will the Sheriff or his Deputies issue a ticket to any driver who displays this illegal “Posse” license plate holder? They clearly violate state laws nationwide as Nygren’s “Posse” blocks the ability to read the dates of expiration of the license plates.

    A true “lawman” would have considered the issue before selling these illegal “Posse” items. I guess ‘law’ is never discussed during all those $300.00 “Campaign” dinners we have unearthed?

    Oh forgive me Cal…..I forgot, the good Sheriff has recently stated it has been Marge who has taken his Campaign Credit Card and spent the lavish evenings out on the town these past four years. Sorry Sheriff for my lapse.

  3. Only the “connected” who know the “right” people and “right party” survive and flourish in McHenry County….at least that’s the way I have seen it for the last 34 years that I have been a resident of this county. The stories I could tell.

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