Have Your Property Tax Barf Bag Ready

OK, McHenry County residents.

Get a double plastic bag out before you go to SpeakerMadigan.com and take a look at the homes of some Cook County state representatives.

See what their property tax bill is.

Compare it to your own.

The Chicago home of State Rep. Monique Davis; tax bill - $6,486.15.

If you don’t puke, you have good self control.

Here’s one for State Rep. Monique Davis. She is the one embroiled in the controversy about who really owns the statute of the proud slave woman.

Interesting web site.


Have Your Property Tax Barf Bag Ready — 1 Comment

  1. I moved to McHenry county from St. Louis, Missouri where I paid $2,400 in property taxes. Now I live in a modest 1,800 sq. ft. home in Woodstock and pay over $9,000!!!!!!
    Are there any candidates campaigning on a platform of property tax relief? Please let us voters know who you are.

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