Who’s Gong to Win?

Although the Crystal Lake Park Board won't allow signs on park district property in front of a polling place on election day, Crystal Lake's Grade School District 47 seemed to have no problem with the concept today at Lundahl Junior High School.

A loyal reader wonders I haven’t asked who the most politically intelligent residents in McHenry County think is going to win the election.

So, here goes.

In the comment section, list who you think will win for governor and senator in both parties (OK, the GOP pick is a give away), 8th District GOP congressional nomination, McHenry County Sheriff and county board for each district on which you care to speculate.

Go at it.


Who’s Gong to Win? — 3 Comments

  1. These are my predictions: (they may or not be my preffered choice depending on the race) But I just thought this is a bit fun to quess.

    Republican District 1 miller barnes
    US Senate Kirk 2 Koehler Kurtz
    Gov. Dillard 3 provensano Wheeler
    Lt Gov Plummer 5 Hill Jung
    Comptoller Topinka 6 Narusis McCann
    8th congress Rodriguiz

  2. I forgot the Dems and Sheriff Race
    Nygren (rep)
    lt gov Link
    comptoller Miller
    treasurer Oberman

    Possible upset Brady get big turnout in Southern and Central IL still leaning
    to a Dillard win

  3. Gov- Dillard
    LT- Plummer
    senate- Kirk
    8th- Walsh

    Sheriff- Nygren
    d2- Koehler,Kurtz
    d3- provenzano, Wheeler

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