Jack Schaffer Big McHenry County Winner in Governor’s Race

State Senator Bill Brady listens to State Rep. Mark Beaubien at the Nunda Township Republican Picnic. Wife Nancy Brady's listens in the foreground.

Look at the vote totals for governor in McHenry County:

Precincts Reporting 212/212 100.00%

KIRK W. DILLARD REP 5907 22.98%
BILL BRADY REP 2191 8.52%
DAN PROFT REP 2335 9.08%
JIM RYAN REP 5302 20.62%
ANDY McKENNA REP 6525 25.38%

Coming in behind Dan Proft, of all people, was State Senator Bill Brady from Downstate Bloomington.  The only candidate who got fewer votes was Bob Schillerstrom, who withdrew from the race and threw his support to Jim Ryan.

“Downstate” is the key word in the paragraph above.

As in “Not from Chicago.”  (Downstaters think all of use in the Chicago media market are from Chicago.)

Brady garnered only 8½% of the vote in McHenry County. Less than 2,200 votes (before adding in the early and absentee ballots).

With the exception of Adam Andrzejewski, who has legitimate Downstate credentials having been raised in Kankakee County, ALL of the candidates were from the Chicago metropolitan area.

With 99% of the precincts having been counted as of 12:20 AM, it appears the winner is Bill Brady:

Governor – GOP Primary
Illinois – 11054 of 11215 Precincts Reporting – 99%
Name Party Votes Vote %
Brady , Bill GOP 153,967 21%
Dillard , Kirk GOP 152,491 20%
McKenna , Andy GOP 142,843 19%
Ryan , Jim GOP 127,298 17%
Andrzejewski , Adam GOP 109,095 15%
Proft , Dan GOP 58,136 8%
Schillerstrom , Bob GOP 7,215 1%

Not by much, but he is in the lead over Kirk Dillard by about 1,600 votes.

Let’s assume that his victory margin holds up.

And no one forces a recount, which would certainly not help the cause of Republican unity.

Not being part of the Chicago-area bodes well for Brady’s being able to unify the Republican Party.

Not too many people are really angry at him.

And, who is the big winner in McHenry County?

Former State Senator Jack Schaffer.

Schaffer is the one who took on the task of putting up Brady’s signs.

The signs didn’t produce many votes, but Brady will remember who helped him when precious few others would.

One who had a yard sign in front of his house was Bloomington native, now-Crystal Lake lawyer and former Grade School District 47 board member David Phoenix.

I wonder whether he will head up Volunteers for Brady in the county.


Jack Schaffer Big McHenry County Winner in Governor’s Race — 3 Comments

  1. Very interesting. Brady only had single digit numbers in all 6 metropolitan counties – yet he’s the frontrunner. Brady’s (and the Metro East area’s Jason Plummer’s Lt. Gov) apparent victory would be a testament to downstate voters taking back the ILGOP from the RINO’s.

  2. cal, at 8.7%, I don’t feel like a big winner. Bill Brady is great candidate who can sell conservative goverment and run the state well. When we get past the recount we will need everyone’s help! jack

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