Contested Precinct Committeeman Races

The post of party precinct committeeman is usually not contested.

One doesn’t get compensated. If one writes a precinct letter, one has to dip into one’s own pocket to pay for it.

Look at the bottom of the sample ballots for the Republican and Democratic Parties and you’ll see precincts all over the place with no candidates.

I see no contests in the Democratic Party.

There were a couple in the Republican Party, however.

The Northwest Herald made a big deal about a three-way race between McHenry County Board member Ersel Schuster, attorney Mark Gummerson and Robert Schlenkert, a prime supporter of McHenry County Sheriff’s candidate Zane Seipler.

The results for that Seneca Township Precinct 1, in which Gummerson emerged victorious, follow

  • Mark Gummerson – 112
  • Ersel Schuster – 77
  • Robert Schlenkert – 29

Jon Heideman and family

Schuster also lost the election for Seneca Township Supervisor last spring.

Nunda Township Precinct 19 had a two-way contest between active Young Republican Jon Heideman and William Mann.

Heideman won the face-off 88-76.

In Algonquin 35, former Crystal Lake City Council candidate Kay Stanish, having been appointed to the office, was challenged by David King.

Stanish turned back the challenge 54-44. Now she is an elected committeeman.

There was another race I Nunda 15, but when former Crystal Lake City Councilman Mike Shorten filed for the office, Joe Gottemoller, the other candidate withdrew in Shorten’s favor.

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