8th District Watch – GOP Primary Victor Joe Walsh Making Moving Plans

8th Congressional District Republican candidate Joe Walsh speaking to the McHenry County Concealed Carry Association in Lakemoor. Photos by Ryan Provenzano RyanProPhotos ryanprophoto@hotmail.com

“The whole point of this campaign was

‘Boy moving back home,'”

Joe Walsh told me when I asked if he was going to move to the district before the election.

Walsh grew up in Barrington, where his Democratic Party opponent, incumbent Melissa Bean, lives.

But she lives outside the district.

Walsh’s home is now on the North Shore and, while Congressmen don’t have to live in their districts (just in their state), Walsh told me,

“We are actively looking right now and we hope to be planted somewhere in the 8th district by March.

”That’s been the plan all along.”

I remember when Barrington’s Cathy Lee ran for Congress in the 16th District against Don Manzullo after I beat her for state representative in 1992.

She promised to move into the district, but never did. Of course, she lost and didn’t.

When I talked to him, Walsh said he was on the way to the National Tea Party Convention in Nashville, where he is speaking this afternoon.

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