Resume Inflation?

Seen in this photo found on the Huntley School District web site late last week are Special Education administrators Perry Yates, Karen Aylward, Stacy O'Dea and Cheryl Kalkirtz.

Seen in this Huntley School District web site photo found last week are Special Education Administrators Perry Yates, Karen Aylward, Stacey O'Dea and Cheryl Kalkirtz. Yates and Kalkirtz are no longer with District 158. Aylward has been appointed Interim Director of Special Education.

Saturday McHenry County Blog wrote about Special Education Director Cheryl Kalkirtz’ leaving the Huntley School District administrative building.

In a Monday article, it was revealed that Karen Aylward had been appointed Interim Director.

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In that article, I told of not being able to find a certificate endorsement for her to be a Special Education Director.

A person commented under the article:

“I believe that is why this is an interim position. Either Karen Aylward will be required to get her certification or it will be filled by a qualified candidate come July 1. The state can grant probational status on candidates who do not hold the correct endorsements for a period of 1 year. Which in my guess is what is happening here.”

That makes sense to me.

What is raising my eyebrows today is what you see below, presented at the August 13, 2009, Special Ed Parent Advisory Committee meeting:

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What is a “Type 75 Director of Special Education Endorsement?”

So far, neither of the Heralds have written a story about the revolving door nature of Special Education administrators in District 158.


Resume Inflation? — 2 Comments

  1. I still have this handout. I remember meeting everyone that night. NIce group of people. Too bad there is so much attention to the district. They need to help kids.

  2. “Strong Advocate for Student led IEPs.” It’s very important to give the student a voice in his IEP, but does it really happen? When parents report back to their committee, only then will it be determined whether Huntley allows this. Hopefully, Ms. Aylward will lead the way with these or, rather, teach and train a student to lead his own IEP.

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