Those Crazy Guys and their Solar Powered Canoe

Ray Christie and Larry Kozak pose in front of Crystal Lake with a model of their solar powered boat on the shore of Crystal Lake, where they intend to test the canoe before taking it down the Mississippi River.

McHenry County Blog reported last summer about Lakewood’s Ray Christie’s and Lake in the Hills’ Larry Kozak dream to design, build and take a solar-powered canoe down the Mississippi River.

Testing would be in Crystal Lake and I can hardly wait.  (Not just for the testing, but for the ice to melt.)

Now the two have starting fund raising.

They have designed gear you can buy to support their effort. You can find it here. That’s the web site for the enterprise/adventure.


Those Crazy Guys and their Solar Powered Canoe — 1 Comment

  1. i am very interested in this project .is there anychance of geting writeups for my final year project work

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