Joe Wiegand Runs for 16th District GOP State Central Committeeman

In the Republican Party, each congressional district has a member on the State Central Committee. Currently the 16th District State Central Committeeman is Rockford State Senator Dave Syverson. This is the district Congressman Don Manzullo represents in Washington.

16th Congressional District Map, Illinois

16th Congressional District Map, Illinois

When I got tired of not ever seeing a Republican precinct committeeman knock on my door or even leave literature at my door, I ran again and was elected.

This past week I received this statement of candidacy for the office from Joe Wiegand. Wiegand has run for state representative twice and served on the DeKalb County Board. He spearheaded the Tax Cap referendum in DeKalb County. Wiegand impersonates Teddy Roosevelt and has even appeared in Crystal Lake.

Republican precinct committeemen select state central committeemen.

Here is his Statement of Candidacy:

Joe WiegardMy name is Joe Wiegand, and I am a candidate for the post of 16th Congressional District Republican State Central Committeeman.  The election for this position will be held on March 3, 2010, at the Republican Conventions occurring in the nine Northern Illinois counties of the 16th Congressional District.

As Republican State Central Committeeman, it would be my goal to help Republican County Chairmen, Precinct Captains and candidates to win elections and, in turn, to bring better, common-sense, conservative public policies to the people of Illinois.
In 1982, as a Northern Illinois high school student, I campaigned for Congressman Phil Crane in McHenry County, the eastern-most portion of today’s 16th District.  In 2008, I led the Mike Huckabee effort in Illinois and appeared on the primary ballot as a candidate for 16th Congressional District Presidential Delegate.

In the three decades that I have been active in the trenches for Republicans and good government, Illinois has gone from the Reagan Revolution which promised greater freedom to the dominance of a one-party, Chicago-Democrat fiefdom which portends only greater servitude.  In the name of all that is decent and good, it is time to take back Illinois.

Like many of you, I have decided that it is time to put the future of our families, friends and neighbors first and to answer the call of “all hands on deck!”

It’s time for us to save the Land of Lincoln from this terrible fate of higher taxes and failed jobs.

Like you, I have tried to do some good.  I served on my DeKalb County Board and its finance committee, bringing the property tax cap to a successful referendum in 1999.  In 2007, I led the successful opposition to the proposed McHenry-Boone-DeKalb property-tax-fed water district.  I am pro-life, pro-Constitution and pro-traditional marriage, and I believe Republicans will do better in elections when we stand four-square in favor of these cornerstone issues.

We can all do more in the way of service to our neighbors in Northern Illinois, and I know I can help to bring the people of Northern Illinois together in support of party candidates that believe in lower taxes, smaller government, more freedom and respect for human life and our treasured institutions.  I believe we can join together to change the course in Illinois and to bring our fiscal house in order.  Together, as Republicans, Independents and former Democrats, let us strive to make a brighter future for the people of Illinois.

Joe Wiegand
868 State Route 72 – Fairdale                                                                                                 Kirkland, IL 847-373-0691

More About Joe Wiegand

Family – After a college romance, Jenny and I married in 1987.  In June, we celebrate or 23rd Anniversary.  Our daughter, Sam, is a soccer playing 6th grader.

Roots –I was raised in Elmhurst, Illinois (DuPage County) and graduated from Palatine High School in Palatine, Illinois, (Cook County), I have lived in DeKalb County since 1988.

Joe Wiegard on Applachian Trail

Profession – After a twenty plus year career in politics, campaigns and public policy, I am excelling as the nation’s premiere Theodore Roosevelt reprisor.  I performed for President and Mrs. Bush in the East Room of the White House, live on C-SPAN for TR’s 150th birthday in 2008.

– A conservative Christian, I have enjoyed worshiping in churches throughout the 16th district.  I am a former senior warden of Holy Trinity Episcopal Church in Belvidere, Illinois.

Education – I graduated from The University of the South in Sewanee, Tennessee, with a degree in political science emphasizing American government and economics.  At Sewanee I was named a Thomas Watson Fellow in honor of the founder of IBM, Corporation and I traveled in Europe, Africa and Asia, interviewing national legislators about republican government.  I also received a Harry S Truman Scholarship, the official memorial for Give ‘em hell, Harry, for promise for a career in public service.  I pursued graduate studies in American government and public policy at Northern Illinois University, where I served as a graduate assistant in the Center for Governmental Studies.

Public Service – My public service ethic came from good teachers and great parents.  I served for six years as an elected member of the DeKalb County Board.  Representing seven western townships, I served on the finance committee, sponsored property tax caps and spearheaded their ultimate passage at referendum. I offered myself twice for the state legislature from Fairdale, a decade apart in two very different districts.  In 1994, I endorsed Rep. Ron Wait to take the 69th House seat back from the Democrats, after he bested me 67-33 in the primary.  In 2004, I endorsed Rep. Bob Pritchard after he bested me 55-45 in the primary.

Party Service – A former Vice-Chairman of the DeKalb County Republican Party, I have served as a precinct committeeman in the City of DeKalb and in rural Franklin Township about half of the time since 1988.  I served as a campaign professional for Nancy Beasley for State Senate, Chris Lauzen for State Senate, Jim Oberweis for Governor and Mike Huckabee for President, and as a campaign volunteer for Pat O’Malley for Governor, Peter Fitzgerald for US Senate and Jack Ryan/Alan Keyes for US Senate.  I have been a delegate to the State Republican Convention, an attendee of Republican Day at the State Fair and a frequent enthusiastic supporter and modest contributor to good candidates.


Joe Wiegand Runs for 16th District GOP State Central Committeeman — 3 Comments

  1. You don’t want any part of Joe Wiegand, period. He runs from issue to issue and is alway looking for, as Briscoe County Junior would say “the coming thing”. Unfortunately, Joe doesn’t pursue closure or finality on anything. Also, he serves as somewhat of a political consultant. Just ask him about the fine job he did with the race for City of DeKalb’s Third Ward Alderman a couple of years ago. Ask him about the work he did with now former Alderman Vic Wogen.

  2. Joe can’t carry on a normal conversation with anyone without making it sound like a political pitch. I don’t see how he will represent the 16th well–he hasn’t been in the District the past few years and can’t be even close to the issues. Per his comment in the article above, the reason that he didn’t receive any Republican mail was because he was never around to check his mailbox! At best, this seems like another attempt for him to get into the political fray again–when in fact the county, district, etc have told him a few times now that he’s not the type of representative that they want. His current job as a fabricator of President Roosevelt seems to fit his personality well–he acts. Simply stated: he’s an actor who lacks substance. Perhaps he should just stick to his current role playing other people–because no one else really knows who he is.

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