Huntley School District’s Mark Altmayer To Get $25,000 Pay Hike

Mark Altmayer

After months of bleak, bleak and more bleak announcements by Huntley School District 158’s Superintendent John Burkey and Controller Mark Altmayer, I couldn’t help but notice Altmayer is in line to get a large salary increase to $130,000.

It’s shown on page 58 of this month’s board packet.

Things might be bleak for other employees or programs in the district, but as I recall from reading somewhere his salary was $105,000 when he started.

Not bleak.

$25,000’s a hefty increase in base salary. Not too many readers would turn their nose up at a $25,000 increase in base salary. Altmayer was hired at a special meeting in January 2009.

The salary increase references “+ admin benefits” which can be interpreted as this is going to also cost the district more money.

Meanwhile in a “way to create busywork” in the fiscal department, Burkey’s administration is asking to have the board approve a policy change to start charging 50 cents for the first CD on Freedom of Information Act requests.

The first CD used to be free.

It used to cost state government about $12 to process a voucher. More now, I suppose.

So, how much will it cost to process and do the accounting for all of those checks for fifty cents?

Or, does the district accept credit cards?

You can find this recommendation on page 267 of the board packet.

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