Grafton Township Supervisor Linda Moore Fends Off Huntley Village Trustee Pam Fender’s Attempt to Force Way into Supervisor’s Office, “Victim” Fender Calls Police 20 Minutes Later

Linda Moore

Pam Fender

It’s said that the best defense is a good offense.

And that’s what Huntley Village Trustee Pam Fender, newly hired to, in effect, supplant elected Grafton Township Supervisor Linda Moore, did when she called the Huntley Police after apparently trying to force her way into Moore’s office.

At 8:30 AM, at the start of her second week as Grafton Township Administrator, Fender precipitated a confrontation with the elected Township Supervisor she was hired by the four township trustees to replace.

That’s when Pam Fender tried to force her way into Linda Moore’s office.

Anybody over 30 knows that something bad is going to happen when you try to force your way into someone’s private office.

Moore told her not to come in the office, but Fender didn’t heed the instruction. This led to Moore’s defending her territory.

At 8:52, some twenty minutes, later Fender had decided to call the police. One can only wonder to whom she talked in the intervening time.

You can read the police report below for details below.  I note with amusement that the second sentence of the narrative says,

“…the victim had been struck by her supervisor…”

One thing is for certain.  Pam Fender does not consider Linda Moore “her supervisor.”

The narrative of the Huntley Police Department's report 10-0289 can be found in three parts above. You can enlarge each section by cllicking on the image.


Grafton Township Supervisor Linda Moore Fends Off Huntley Village Trustee Pam Fender’s Attempt to Force Way into Supervisor’s Office, “Victim” Fender Calls Police 20 Minutes Later — 23 Comments

  1. Cal, what was that statement that Rush Limbaugh had made not so long ago…had something to do with “Women” and “Politics.” I like your stories about the ‘beauty’ queen “Pols” better…. easy on the eye, and I don’t have to read so much! I’m moving back to Lakewood, I’m missing all the fun!

    Give me a call when you do a story about ‘mud wrestling’……… I can’t wait!

    I better get back to the ‘Cabana!’ It’s Happy Hour….. again!

  2. Too bad when I asked for a copy of a police report that I filed in Crystal Lake I was required to fill out a FOIA request. I would have to wait 5 days. At least…. Remember it is a report I filed. I have to wait at least 5 days to see it. It will have a lot of blacked out portions quite unlike the report above that was filed this morning. Oh yes the part I forgot…I represent the executive branch of Crystal Lake government. What does that tell you?

  3. Clearly, they are taking the Supervisor’s office BY FORCE…..Check out Grafton Township on Youtube…Doesn’t take long to see….Maybe that is way you got your hands on this so quick, Cal

  4. So Moore striking Fender is OK?

    Cal, I would LOVE for you to dig deeper and find out why the police have been called to the township offices several times in the past twelve months (reported in the Daily Herald story) . . . all since Moore has been in office. Was former Clerk Frigo fearful of Moore? Why did Frigo recently resign?

    No mention of Moore promoting Trudy Jurs to a full time job last night as GA/EA assistant and giving her a salary of $40K plus benefits. Nice fiscally responsible move by Moore to take care of her friend. Cal, dig deeper and find out why it will soon cost Grafton taxpayers $6.00 in administrative fees for every dollar given out in General Assistance aid.

  5. Cal, stop the spinning already – its transparent and overtly obvious to even the most causal observers of township politics.

  6. Quote “c. kay says: 02/23/2010 at 9:29 pm

    So Moore striking Fender is OK?”



    So Fender putting her foot on the door and hanging onto the handle is OK?

  7. C Kay You continue to name private citizens in your comments. For you, that is soooooooooooooooooo dangerous. Glink would have to give you direction on that…but I would think it would include caution

  8. Wow….CK? The cops have been called to her office how often in the past 12 months. Without public incident? I wish you knew what this is about. We all have different viewpoints. I guess Diane Klemm needs an administrator in Algonquin TWSP, The largest TWSP in McHenry County. I don’t think so.

  9. I think Eastern GT will make some real impact on TWSP Government next time around

  10. The Chicago Daily Herald reported today that “Both Moore and Fender said the township board voted Monday to have Moore keep her office door open to the public and other township employees, although Moore questions the legality of that vote.”

    Obviously, we have a major power struggle going on in our township. Whether or not the Moore questions the legality of the vote to keep her door open is an issue of her struggle to relinquish control of a losing proposition. Defend her or not, she has lost her ability to lead.

    The Herald also reported that Huntley Police Chief John Perkins confirmed the statement made by c.kay in this blog . . .

    “Perkins said police were called out to the township offices for several petty disputes during spring and summer 2009.

    “We basically quit responding unless it was a criminal matter,” Perkins said.”

    I know this is a blog, and the creator of it and rant their point of view all they want, but bring clarity to the matter, not just your rant and the rant of your buddies.

  11. Sad to see that others think striking another person is acceptable behavior. Add this to the growing list of inappropriate behavior committed by Linda Moore. This list may be viewed on huntleyneighbors(dotcom); click on the “community issues” forum. Moore skewers Grafton Taxpayers by handing a new job title to her assistant, a job that will pay over $40K (plus benefits) to do what? Act as Moore’s assistant in distributing $15K in general assistance to the community. If a taxpayer funded “sham” job was offered to me, my conscious would come into play. It would be a job that I could not accept, sucking on the teat of the Grafton Taxpayers. Screwing the taxpayers of Grafton Township.

  12. Wow! What a cat fight. Important clue: the cop looked at Fender’s skin and saw no marks. Looks to me like Fender was trespassing by trying to force her way into Moore’s office. What a bully! What does she think gives her the right to barge into the office of the elected Supervisor, just because SHE wants to use the copier. Go to Kinko’s. Anyone else think that Ofc. Marak is right? How about disorderly conduct? Based on the cop’s report, Fender should have been taken away in handcuffs! When two cats get in a fight, somebody should get a garden hose and turn on full pressure!

  13. EVERYONE involved in this ought to be humiliated at the video’s on YouTube. It’s as if Jerry Springer went community activist. Shame on all of you, for the chaos at your meetings, the language, the unprofessional nature in which you all carry yourselves as leaders at any level. You may ALL get voted out as Councilman Thorsen stated. (Although, I think he’s lowering himself by even being involved) People are very angry with the leadership and certainly fed up with the drama. Do we really need to give the general public yet another reason to throw incumbents to the wolves? Apparently.

  14. Why is Linda’s door always locked, so she can wipe off the drool before she opens the door from her nap?

    Guss why should Pam go to Kinkos to make copies when the is a good machine in the office. Nice way to spend our money! This is a place of work and they need to share the office supplies and services. You just can’t lock out co-workers that you don’t like. In a “normal” job one would be fired for that.

    Also show some respect for the ladies. Your “Cat Fight” remark is very derogatory!

  15. Otto, shouldn’t be a surprise from disGUSt FULLpot. He routinely throws his 2 cents into matters which he has no first-hand knowledge. His “cat fight” remark is very inflammatory and offensive. By the way, he’s running for Sheriff, an office he has no qualifications for.

  16. Otto’s “so she can wipe off the drool before she opens the door from her nap?” gives me yet another reason to not even try to find value in “his” words.

  17. Yea Gus…. show some respect…. kind of like what these ‘ladies’ were doing… I think you were being nice Gus… But, I’m not… So I will come out and say it..

    This wasn’t a ‘cat fight…. it was a ‘bitch slapping!’

    If you’re going to enter this arena, I’d toughen up a bit Otto…..

    Now, I need to get back to my lithium and beer! Its 5;00 ‘somewhere!’

  18. Living Liberty, I agree with you. My only defense for my actions is that I live in GT. I just get very frustrated by this. I have sat through over 1000 board meetings and preside over one board. I have never witnessed anything like this.

  19. Hey Otto: Pot meet kettle. Cat fight is derogatory, but making the drool comment about Linda Moore is not? Um, let’s see what word fits best here: hypocrite, maybe? Of course, I see no humor in Bachmann’s comments either. I think every person in the Township should resign and if you’re going to waste money, just have a special election. Nah, that would mean somebody had integrity.

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