Statements to Police from Linda Moore and Pam Fender

McHenry County Blog has obtained the statements that Grafton Township Supervisor Linda Moore and Grafton Township Administrator Pam Fender made to the Huntley Police Department after Village Trustee Fender called the police Tuesday morning about twenty minutes after the incident described below.  (Click to enlarge.)

Meanwhile, Keely Cat is taking the Northwest Herald approach to the adding of about $50,000 worth of administrative cost to the delivery of Grafton Township services.

Keely ignoring what's going on in Grafton Township.


Statements to Police from Linda Moore and Pam Fender — 1 Comment

  1. Cal, it’s clear Grafton Township and Huntley have over stated their sense of ‘self importance.’ They shouldn’t have removed the ‘wheels’ from the base of that big monument they work out of.

    The banjo’s are a’playin, and I can clearly hear the ‘beeping’ sounds of a semi-tractor trailer ‘back’n up’ dropping off the new office for these ‘class acts!’

    Well Cal, it’s almost noon and the ‘Beach Cabana’ is about to open! I’ve sent an invite up to Ft. Misery and Cape Coma, Florida to see if ‘Dirty Keith’ would like to join me here in Mexico for ‘Happy Hour!’

    I have my own ‘stool’ here at the Cabana Beach Bar, Cal. I wonder if ‘Dirty Keith’ has any ‘stools’ of his own over there at the ‘Blue Coyote’ Social Club in “Cape Coma?’

    Hope the weather up there in the ‘trailer park’ is treating you well buddy!

    Your Friend,

    ‘Dirty Harry!’

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