Independent Sally Wiggins Petitioning to Run Against Republican Gordon Graham for Judge

Local politics is getting more interesting.

A judgeship thought to be a shoe-in for Crystal Lake Associate Judge Gordon Graham, who won a spot on the ballot in an uncontested Republican primary election, may have a second candidate. It was so uninteresting I don’t think I even took a photo of one of his yard signs.

While I just happened onto Sally Oeffling Wiggins’ web site, she has been twittering about it since September 26th.

Her bio says,

“Sally is currently a partner at the Chicago law firm of Niro Scavone where she leads litigation and trial teams on international cases across the United States and in Europe. She has tried cases in the areas of Employment Law, Municipal Defense, Trade Secret Misappropriation, Contract Law, Trademark Infringement and Patent Infringement. She practices in both state and federal courthouses where she has obtained combined verdicts of over a $100 million dollars.”

She is moving her practice to McHenry County, however.

Wiggins is now gearing up to pass petitions, starting March 23th, according to the calendar on her internet site. She told me that she needs 4,200 petition signatures by June 12th.

Wiggins is running as an Independent and playing to the anti-party crowd in one of her rotating web site messages:

Below is the letter of introduction on her web page:

Dear McHenry County Voters

Welcome to 2010. As you focus on a fresh start for the New Year, I focus on a fresh start for McHenry County’s judiciary and announce my intent to seek election as Circuit Court Judge for McHenry County (22nd Judicial Circuit) in the November 2, 2010 election.

I ask for your vote this November 2010 because I am qualified, fair and independent. I will run as an Independent Candidate for Circuit Judge because I believe politics have no place in the courtroom. Judges take an oath to uphold and apply the law before them (not make policy) in other words to be independent – and I am.

Born in Harvard, Illinois in 1963, I attended Johnsburg Schools graduating from St. Johns Elementary School in 1977 and Johnsburg High School in 1981. Raised on the Fox River, I caught catfish during the summer and played ice hockey during the winter. Now forty plus years later, my 9 year old son Baylor attends Elementary school in Crystal Lake, plays hockey for Crystal Lake hockey teams, and together with my Mother and two labs, we reside at our home in Woodstock, Illinois.

Indeed, my family roots don’t come from a line of attorneys. Rather, my roots stem from a foundation of hardworking farmers, tradesmen and deep rooted family values here in McHenry County. My grandparents Martha and George Oeffling worked and raised 8 children on a farm in McHenry County. My Father and his brothers worked as carpenters and brick layers throughout McHenry County and my Mother worked jobs, such as cleaning houses. I am the first and only attorney in our family.

I attended National College of Education where I earned a Bachelor of Art. After an established paralegal career, I attended the John Marshall Law School in Chicago, where I was a selected member of the John Marshall honors Moot Court Board, Moot Court Teams and Trial Advocacy Teams. As a young attorney, I clerked for the Honorable Paul E. Plunkett of the United States District Court for the Northern District of Illinois in Chicago. Thereafter, I was hired as a trial attorney with the law firm of Hervas, Sotos, Condon & Bersani representing municipalities and law enforcement officials.

I am currently a partner at the law firm of Niro, Scavone, Haller & Niro where my litigation practice has taken me to numerous courtrooms across the United States. I have experienced firsthand the importance of efficiency and integrity maintained by many accomplished judges across the United States. During my 15 years as an attorney, I have appeared before numerous judges across the United States gaining experience of an efficient and effective judiciary. I want to bring my court room experience to McHenry County and serve as Circuit Court Judge for McHenry County.

You won’t find me on the February 2, 2010 Primary – and my absence from the February Primary is intentional. “Political” candidates will be running in the February 2010 primary. I am not a “Political” candidate I am an Independent Candidate.

Seeking election as an Independent Candidate requires more work – but hard work has never deterred me, and an independent judiciary is worth the extra effort. My belief system simply will not allow me to run as a “Political Candidate.” Judges should run as Independent Candidates – no political affiliation. A Judge takes an oath to uphold the United States Constitution, the Illinois Constitution and apply the law before her – – not make policy based upon political affiliation. So, look for me on the November 2, 2010 ballot as an Independent Candidate.

How can you support me in my candidacy for an independent judiciary? Prior to the election, I will need your support in many ways, so please visit this website often for ways you can contribute. The first task will be circulating petitions starting March 23, 2010. Please provide your support however you can, here at the tab on this website. If you have any additional questions, call 815-276-9509.

I look forward to your encouragement and support,

Sally Oeffling Wiggins

Independent Candidate for McHenry County Judge


Independent Sally Wiggins Petitioning to Run Against Republican Gordon Graham for Judge — 1 Comment

  1. Cal, I just about have my suntan to match ole ‘Dirty Keith’s!’ I’ve been beach side for the past two weeks since my return home to Mexico. I’ve gotten to know a few more folks down at the “Cabana Beach Bar” where I am fortunate to hold title as “Cabana King!’

    I see we now have a 3rd candidate for my ‘McHenry County Political Beauty Queen’ contest. I’m kind of lik’n it Cal. Easy on the eyes and showing class.

    I shared your story about “Da’ Ladies” there in Grafton Twnship with my Amigo’s down at the bar. My Amigos y Yo, agree, we like the stories about these beauty queen “Pol’s” the most.

    This being said, Grafton Township just around “Tequila Time,” makes for great “Cabana Boy” fodder! Keep up the great reporting Cal.

    PS. I’ve entered the local Hawaiian Tropic Suntan Contest being held tomorrow. I just hope ole “Dirty Keith” doesn’t show up and take my crown!

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