Grafton Township Meeting on YouTube

You can read about this past week’s Grafton Township meeting in these articles:

Downsizing the Grafton Township Supervisor’s Office – Part 1

Downsizing the Grafton Township Supervisor’s Office – Part 2

Downsizing the Grafton Township Supervisor’s Office – Part 3

That’s the meeting where the township trustees, led by Rob LaPorta, moved Township Supervisor Linda Moore into the windowless township clerk’s office, moved newly-appointed Township Administrator Pam Fender into Moore’s outer office and the township clerk into Moore’s inner office.  To complete the game of musical ofices, Moore’s assistant was put where Fender was, the conference room through which one must go to find the bathroom.

Now, you can not only read my articles, but you can see all the action and raised voices yourself.  The index to the approximately 10-minute segments of YouTube videos, which you see below, is here.  (For some reason, they are not listed in order.)

YouTube Postings of March 2, 2010, Grafton Township meeting at which Linda Moore lost her office space.

Just in case you have an abnormal interest in public affairs,  you can see a lot of the meeting on YouTube.

The early reaction of LaPorta to David Moore’s taping you see below.

Trustee Rob LaPorta holding up paper to block David Moore's video taping of the March 2nd Grafton Township meeting.

Or, if you are into juvenile antics, take a look at the first YouTube posting.  Four minutes into it, you can see a man blocking the video taping the meeting.

Paper blocking David Moore from taping all township trustees but Barbara Murphy at March 2nd meeting.

You will see who is is below.  He took a photograph of David Moore after being admonished for his obstructive behavior by Supervisor Linda Moore.

Man who was blocking David Moore's videoing of the township trustees takes a picture of Moore after Supervisor Linda Moore admonished him for his obstructive behavior.

If you are really, really interested in what the township board does, here is a link where you can find the January 14, 2010, videos.  I see 20 parts, although they are not listed in order.  That was one long meeting.  These were not posted by the township.

As you watch the videos, remember that the Township Trustees voted not to operate under Robert’s Rules of Order.  The board operates under no rules of order.


Grafton Township Meeting on YouTube — 10 Comments

  1. The Illinois Open Meetings Act permits video- and audio-recording of meetings. What that means is that anyone can do so. Do the actions of Trustee LaPorta and the unknown person holding a paper in front of the camera lens constitute a violation of the Open Meetings Act and expose those persons to charges and prosecution?

    I wonder what the Village Attorney would have to say about that in open session.

  2. I think she wears a pointed hat that belongs in some corner….moron

  3. But…Cha Ching the $’s keep flowin in…La Porta cannot change history by reaching out to a few future county board members either. Hang it up…the truth is on the you tube record…. you have no more secrets. we all know. you are a bully demonstrating a Napoleon complex. Grow up …Quit and go home…..

  4. If you’re interested in Grafton’s shenanigans….You’ll love Dorr Township’s shenanigans! Come to a meeting, where I feel you will find the most arrogant trustees in the county.
    Question is, will Dorr Township end up like Grafton? Were headed there!

  5. The trustees made a big mistake. They should have moved Linda Moore’s office outside near the dumpsters.

  6. C.H. Soreloser: Your friends on the GRAFTon Board are going to die an agonizing slow political death by 1,000 papercuts. Moore may also be doing a poor job, but she saved tax payers $5,000,000.00. In this climate, that speaks volumes. Jeff Thorsen, Cal Skinner and others are spot on in this matter.

  7. P. Green – What has Linda done in office? A worn coat drive, senior bingo, lawyer shopping AND thousands in additional legal fees. Your flash-in-the-pan Messiah has rapidly burned out. Why keep bringing up the dead building issue? Time to move on and focus on the present. You are correct though. Moore is doing a poor job.

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