Misdemeanor Battery Charges Filed Against Five Prairie Ridge Wrestlers

Five Prairie Ridge High School wrestlers were charged with misdemeanor battery for hazing other team members, an article in the Daily Herald by Chuck Keeshan reports.

The arrests were made about a month after the issue surfaced on WMAQ-TV.

In the only press release on the matter, the Crystal Lake Police Department wrote,

“The investigation has revealed that a number of wrestlers may have been involved in activities that include the restraining of wrestlers by other members of the team who then slap them on the stomach.

“Additionally, police are investigating alleged actions on the part of some members of the wrestling team that may have included certain parts of the restrained wrestlers’ private areas being touched through their clothing.”

Asked today about what happened, McHenry County State’s Attorney Lou Bianchi wrote McHenry County Blog,

“Our Chief of the Criminal Division, Phil Hiscock, Chief of the Juvenile Division and Felony review, William Stanton and I met with Chief Linder and several detectives concerning the incidents at Prairie Ridge involving the Wrestling team and students.

“After our meeting at the Crystal Lake Police Department, our office re-reviewed all the police reports, discussed the facts at length and found no felonious conduct.

“Crystal Lake made the decision to charge misdemeanors and our office is supportive of that decision and those charges.”

Prosecution will take place behind closed doors in Juvenile Court.

McHenry County Blog printing Police Chief David Linder’s press release in this February 4th article entitled,

Prairie Ridge Wrestling Hazing May Have Included Sexual Molestation

Some of the more sanitized comments under the above article give details of the incident. (Sorry, but some of the comments were a bit too graphic for me to want to post, but I thank the posters for them anyway. It added to my knowledge of the reason for the police report.)

Rules which Crystal Lake High School District 155, Huntley School District 158 and Carpentersville School District 300 apply to coaches can be found in the following article:

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