District 6 Democrat Gets Ready for Campaign, Critiques Local Government Organization

District 6 is the largest in area. No Democrats are on the ballot yet, but can be put on by a vote of the McHenry County Democratic Party Central Committee.

After receiving this email from District 6 McHenry County Democratic Party Chair Drew Georgi, I asked if I could share it with you.

He agreed, so here it is:


I’ve spent the last 2-3 weeks taking the names of all the government officials from the newest yellow county year book.

Do you know how many names I ended up with?


Lets cut 100 names off the list for the Federal, State, and those holding more than one office.

That leaves 1,224! names from the school boards to the county level.

Granted quite a few are non-paying jobs but those positions don’t come for free, there are still operating expenses for those positions and boards or whatever government group they are a part of.

This does not include the actual workers like the teachers, police, firefighters, highway workers, office workers, building maintenance workers, etc.

How are the Republicans in this county cutting down big government?

Also you would be very surprised at the number of duplicate last names I found.

I’m not talking about common names like Jones or Smith tho there were quite a few of those.

Looks like there are a lot of family members spread across our county governments. Some even have the guts to flaunt it so bad as to be members of the same government board.

So how are the Republicans of this county any better than those “corrupt Chicago Democrats” with their pay to play and hiring of family when it looks like the McHenry County Republicans are making Chicago officials look like they are just playing at it when the Republicans here are the real pros at it?

Plus why are you not screaming at Lou (Bianchi), Keith (Nygren), and other elected officials when you look at their campaign filings and see that the same people that are giving them money are many of the same ones doing lots of business either with their office or the county? Again showing how they are the real pros when it comes to pay to play and keeping it on the down low so nobody hears about it.

We are cutting the average workers from our government payrolls while the top people are getting raises or are making such high salaries that they can handle a raise freeze.

How about the school Superintendent of these little two and three school districts making almost or over $200,000 a year taking a pay cut?

When I asked different school board members about this insane amount they are making, I get the song and dance that we need to be competitive with other school districts.

At the same time I watch four teachers get their pink slips and six teachers told that they will be teaching two grades in the same classroom.

For the first time since my kids started to have to take the ISAT’s, the school sent home a study guide for it so the kids will score better.

That tells me that this doubling up is not working.

Again I hear that they are doing this to increase the scores so they can keep what funding they have.

When the school board came up with this plan they told us parents that they have done this same thing in the past and the kids did not suffer, yet they could not show us any thing to back up their claims because it was before the ISAT type testing.

This is just one government controlled department.

How many others are doing the same thing of cutting staff, giving us less services, yet asking for more money?

It is time we cut out duplicate departments like the 17 township highway departments and consolidate them at the county level and maybe create a central purchasing department like we had in the Marines for every government body from the villages to the county to be a part of.

It has been when it comes to the salt for the roads, (when they get their order in on time) so why not with all the other items they all use like one big group insurance policy for all of their insurance needs from car insurance to health instead of 18 or more policies for each thing the county and local governments need to insure.

It is time that our local officials see what is going on around them and stop think that the tax payers are an endless bank. They need to make the money we give them work smarter for them.

But you never thought you would hear a Democrat saying we need to reduce government did you?

Andrew “Drew” Georgi


District 6 Democrat Gets Ready for Campaign, Critiques Local Government Organization — 4 Comments

  1. I hate admitting it, but much of what this gentleman said is correct. Where are we at, Republicans? Comfortable? We shouldn’t be. It appears the new Democrat Chair is a bit more savvy than the last…

  2. Some good points, but where does he stand on: abortion? gun rights? illegal immigration? socialized medicine? union political influence? etc. Mr. Georgi appears to be trying to copy the Jack Franks model of pseudo-conservatism. If these gentlemen were really such conservatives, they’d join the more conservative party and try to fix these issue from within.

  3. Shawn,
    First I like to thank you for your support on the issues I have stated in my email to Cal. I see you agree that there are problems with the current leadership of the Republican party and unlike the Democratic party where someone like myself is given both the freedom and support to try and fix the system, I would be marked and ruined every way they could if I was a member of the Republican party for wanting to change or fix anything. The Republican party of this county has become the role model for the good old southern boy type of politics and if you don’t go along, you are chased out on the rail. Their current county convention voting is an example of this since not one new member was elected to their leadership unlike the Democrats who not only voted in a new chair to the head of the county board but changed half of the leadership in hopes of making a difference in the next 2 years. This also is not a sign that those that where replaced did not do their best at what they did. It is just that the members felt that the new people would be best to do what we want to do now and those being replaced will still be kept within the party unlike the Republicans which would push them out.

    As for your questions about where I stand on the above issues, I support following the laws we have on those issues except I believe the US Constitution was intended to be be for people to protect us from any group or business from being able to control the rest. So I can not agree with the latest Supreme Court ruling that businesses and PACs have the same rights as people and can ignore the campaign funding laws. They have given those with the gold to influence the outcomes of an election to their side giving power the minority and not to the majority as the constitution was intended to do.

    We need to stay on point here and focus on fixing those things I have stated in my email to Cal and once those things are fixed we can go on to your points. We do not need to lose the focus by muddying up things with bringing in issues that a lot of what you pointed out can not be dealt with by our local governments. Lets fix our home first then we can go on to bigger issues.

    Bottom line is we need to uphold the laws of the land and keep our oaths of office which I believe a lot of our local officials are not doing now and our people are hurting because of it. A lot of what is wrong right now can go back to our officials not doing this and it is showing. We need to get them to do these things or we need to replace them. We all know which ones are in office only for their own personal gain and we need to put pressure on them to do what is right or have them step down and let some one who will take over.

    Just start by going through the county year book and look at the duplicate family names to see that they are building a monument to themselves. We need to follow George Washington’s example here on how to be a public servant not the kings of Europe who passed down their power to their families. We have seen how this just leads to corruption.

    I look forward to your future support since we agree on the issues that I have pointed out. The great thing about our system is that once in awhile no matter what party or group you belong to, we can get together and try and do what is best for the people we have taken oaths to represent and not our individual beings and personal wishes. If we keep disagreeing with each other, we will never fix the problems and they will only grow. The only ones that will suffer will be the people we are suppose to be representing and helping.

  4. I bet you and Jack Franks are best buds, best of luck. You’ve learned a lot about politics but not enough to know when to shut-up, as this follow up email hurt you more than it helped you.

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