Melissa Bean Holds Another “Private” Meeting

Melissa Bean

The Northwest Herald is running a story today about a meeting that 8th District Congresswoman Melissa Bean held at McHenry County College.

The public was not invited…again.

Just “local leaders.”

A dozen of them.

No ordinary taxpaying citizens.

No advance notice so the uninvited might express their feelings outside.

Terry Counley and Mark Eisenberg, the village presidents of McCullom Lake and Spring Grove, respectively, are quoted.

McHenry County Board member Marc Munaretto’s name is included in the article, even though he does not live in Bean’s district.

Holiday Hills Police Chief Larry Mason also gets a mention.

“She regularly conducts such forums,” the article reads.

Just not where the public can attend, I guess.

No Town Hall meetings on health care.

Not for Melissa Bean.

No debates with opponents for Melissa Bean.

Not since before Labor Day four years ago. (Political campaigns traditionally start on Labor Day.)

Just controlled appearances with known guest lists.

That’s the Melissa Bean Way.


Melissa Bean Holds Another “Private” Meeting — 5 Comments

  1. I like what I said before on an earlier piece so I’ll repeat it

    Let’s see now Ms. Bean.

    No townhall mtgs.
    No open forums.

    You seem to only have open ears when it helps you get votes.

    You’ve lost a lot of votes Ms. Bean, you never know, you could soon become

    a Has-”Bean”

    someone who used to be important; a person whose career has ended.

  2. I read an article that said that the time has passed for challenging Bean. The window to oust her was her first re-election, back in (2006?).

    She’s like a teacher with tenure. Why should she inconvenience herself with voters when she’s a shoo-in for re-election?

  3. Last month Melissa Bean was at an open meeting of the McHenry County Democratic Central Committee in Woodstock. She entertained questions from everyone at the meeting and discussed many topics at length. Cal has been to a number of the committee meetings with his camera in tow, so you clearly know everyone is welcome to attend and participate. If the Congresswomen was invited out to a McHenry County Republican Central Committee Meeting I wouldn’t be surprised if she attended – but then again I suspect she will never get that invite. You’d rather just moan and complain.

  4. Allan, that’s an oxymoron! Bean was at an “open meeting of the McHenry County Democratic Central Committee in Woodstock” by definition a partisan event is not “public”. In fact I don’t see her sending out invites to Republicans, or for that matter ever honoring her challengers requests for debates and appearances… So you can kiss that talking point goodbye.

    Yes “Joe” our little brains just can’t handle the facts you throw at us, we need time to process your intellectually stimulating and revolutionary talking points.

    I’ll think about these things you suggest while I continue to run the muti-million dollar corporation I built from scratch at 22 years old. Meanwhile I’ll continue to figure out how to employ hundreds of workers while also struggling to make the company’s ends meet because of the damage people like those you vote for inflict. You local democrats are real thinkers.

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