Raises – Who Got ‘Em?

Salary hikes and lack thereof were the subject of a major Sunday Chicago-Sum-Times article.

That the question the Chicago Sun-Times asked last Sunday.

The answer?

Huntley School District strikers at the Harmony Road Campus

Teachers and health care workers.

Certainly teachers at Huntley School District 158. 18% on the average the first year of which we are in.

And staff at Huntley School District 158.

True, Superintendent John Burkey followed the example of some other Fox River Valley chief administrators in foregoing a salary hike this year, but he has received a $70,000 increase since he left his old job near Peoria, including $12,000 more this year than last year.

And Comptroller Mark Altmayer just got a $25,000 raise over the $105,000.

Since most health care employees don’t work for public entities, their salaries are not public information.

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