Katherine Keefe Secure in Her Identity

Have you ever wondered about the lack of self-esteem held politicians who paste their names everywhere they can?

I was sitting in that corridor of the older part of the new courthouse across from the Circuit Court’s office.

Actually, I was right outside the courtrooms where I spent every vacation and personal day in 1983 and 1984 during the divorce from hell.

At the time, I called the building the McHenry County Courthouse and Spa.

As I was looking at the light coming in the back windows of the Circuit Clerk’s office, my eyes shifted to look at what was written on the windows next to the corridor.

Entrance to the McHenry County Circuit Clerk's Civil and Probate Division Offices

“McHenry County Circuit Clerk” appears in big letters, along with the logo of the 22nd Judicial District.

That’s it, except for the divisions’ names.

The Juvenile and Criminal Divisions of the Circuit Clerk's Office are behind this glass wall.

Same with another entrance.

There was no indication that Katherine Keefe is the Circuit Clerk.

So, I looked at the other big glass wall that led into a part of the Circuit Clerk’s Office.

No name of the incumbent there either.

So, I went into to compliment her and to ask for some photos, since cameras aren’t allowed in the building…unless Sheriff Keith Nygren is endorsing you.

Circuit Clerk Keefe has accommodated my wishes, as you can see above.

How secure in her identity she must be.

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