Noon Health Care Demonstration at Melissa Bean’s Woodfield Office Saturday

The web site of the Bradenton, Idaho, newspaper featured a photo of proponents of health care reform at Melissa Bean's Schaumburg office.

While Associated Press distributed a photo of the mainly out-of-district proponents of President Barack Obama’s health care reform, opponents are gearing up for another demonstration.

Word just in from Schaumburg Tea Party Coordinator Carrie Miller that opponents propose another rally this Saturday at noon at Congresswoman Melissa Bean’s office at 1701 E. Woodfield Road, Suite 200, Schaumburg, IL 60173.

If you can’t go, why not phone 847-517-2927 or Fax 847-517-2931. The phone probably won’t be answered over the weekend, but the Fax machine might be operational.

Incidentally, word from within Bean’s Schaumburg office is that calls are running 3-4 to one against the bill.

No wonder she is listed as undecided, even with the Daily Herald’s string of stories about Republican opponent Joe Walsh’s financial problems.

Schaumburg map showing where Melissa Bean's office at 1701 E. Woodfield Road is located near Woodfield Mall.

Maybe her polling is showing she is in more trouble than she has been previously.

Here’s the email’s appeal:

Many people who were not able to attend Tuesday’s rally would like to rally tomorrow.

Melissa Bean’s Office
Saturday, March 20th
12 PM

Bring your flags, signs, bullhorns!…Let your voices be heard!!!

Did you know:

  • If awakened Joyce Story goes to the demonstation, she will be late, because she is one of the organizers of the Patriots United Pro-Life Breakfast at D'Andrea's (southeast corner of Routes 14 &31) at 9 AM.

    Back room deals continue to be cut with Obama & Pelosi

  • IRS expansion by 16,000 agents to track your HC insurance coverage
  • Insurance premium increases up to 78%
  • Job killing tax of $2,000 per employee on many companies
  • Unfunded mandates
  • Bill includes student loans…only the government can provide student loans!!!
  • Walgreens will no longer accept new Medicaid customers as of April 16th
  • Mayo clinic ….some of their doctors have informed their patients …should Obama Care pass they will no longer accept medicare patients
  • Chicago area doctors have already begun to decline medicare patient coverage.
  • 1-3 doctors will leave their practice
  • 30 million people added….. no doctors to cover them….you will wait for months to get an appointment
  • Prescription Drugs….how would you like to wait for those as well?

Here’s a video of the last demonstration and counter-demonstration:

More information about the rally can be found here.


Noon Health Care Demonstration at Melissa Bean’s Woodfield Office Saturday — 5 Comments

  1. Just called Mrs. Bean’s office to express my concern about the healthcare bill and to ask her to vote against it. The aide was polite and answered the phone on the fifth ring (lunch time). While she didn’t ask my name, she did ask from what town I was calling. I live in District 8.

  2. Imagine that, Tea Party people complaining, but never offering any solutions.

    These Tea Partiers don’t care at all about finding ways to extend health coverage to over 30 million people that don’t have it. All they do is complain. They don’t want to help at all.

    I urge everybody to take a look at the Tea Party Rally in OH recently where these people mocked a man with Parkinson’s disease that couldn’t walk – they called him a communist and then threw dollar bills at him, yelling “here’s your handout”. It is a prime example of Tea Party organizers generating fear and hatred towards others. I would post the link to the video here, but surely the comment would not be approved by the moderator because it would turn so many people off of the Tea Party movement.

  3. It’s a shame this issue can’t be debated on facts and groups like these have to resort to scare tactics and lies.

  4. I normally surf all over the web because I have the tendancy to read a lot (which isn’t always a great idea because most sites just copy from each other) but I must say that yours contains some real substance! Thanks for stopping the trend of just being another copycat site! 😉


    It was interesting when I called Bean’s office March 16th both in D.C. and Schaumburg and asked she vote AGAINST the health care bill…neither aid asked my name or address even after telling them I was in her district…

    Something funny going on there???

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