A Letter to Melissa Bean

This is from a participant in the Tuesday demonstration in front of 8th District Congresswoman Melissa Bean’s Schaumburg office near Woodfield. Photos of the event were also shared. I am pleased to publish both the letter and the pictures.

You can still contact Bean’s Washington office.  Phone 202-225-3711 or Fax 202-225-7830.

As an indication of the importance of the Congresswoman’s vote is my Google search for her name is that there were 28 references to her on the web at 1:31 this afternoon.

March 17, 2010

Dear Ms. Bean,

The corner where folks gathered near Congresswoman Melissa Bean's office March 16th.

I spent my day yesterday driving the hour from my home in Spring Grove to your office in Schaumburg to stand side by side with voters from your district.

A take-off on the show "American Idol." The Statue of Liberty is "An American Idol, Not 'Idle,'" says the message written on the white stripes.

We came hoping we could voice our opinions on the healthcare bill that is currently being forced upon the country despite the vast number of polls showing America neither wants nor appreciates having our Constitution destroyed for the whims of an administration filled with narcissists.
We understand that Mr. Obama, Ms Pelosi, and Mr. Reid feel that America has a population of numbskulls full of mush who have never had to balance a budget, have a connection with reality and believe that fairy tales do come true.

Oddly, after centuries of history to look back on, we somehow feel it is a pretty good indication of what to expect when governments become too large and no longer serve the people but try to dictate to them.

I guess, perhaps, some of us grew up at a time when our school system really taught history and did not rewrite, whitewash, delete or alter the truth.

We know that this bill will destroy our high quality healthcare system we now enjoy.

Corner with opponents facing camera and Bean supporters on the right.

We know the polls show that our doctors will drop out of their profession in numbers reaching 50 to 60%.  They currently have to deal with the government run Medicare and Medicaid and they know they will no longer be able to be productive and treat an additional 30 million people. It is an impossibility.

"Obamacare is unconstitutional malpractice," the sign says.

We know that history has shown us that government run programs NEVER function efficiently or on budget.

"HELL No!" the placard says.

Let’s face it; there is no incentive for them to do so.

With the push of a button they can vote for another tax increase and once again America looses.

Not only does this healthcare bill not affect the very ones who vote for it, but it appears to us that many in your party are under the impression that the tax laws do not apply to them.

They then turn and lecture and threaten those in our country who work hard and achieve through blood, sweat and tears a successful life independent of government handouts.

Our Founding Fathers and every soldier who gave their life to preserve this great country would not understand what you have done to it.

The Constitution is now just a document, yellowed with age and ignored by the current government.  You no longer feel the need to vote on bills for passage but “deem” them into law.

How perfect for it to be called “Slaughter.”

A view from the back of the corner where a lot of the action was.

We stood there, along with others thru out the country, begging to be heard.

We went up to your office to fill out your forms so you understand you MUST vote NO on this bill.

I heard the calls coming in as we sat there.

It was plain by your staff’s voices and responses your constituents are angry.

I asked the young man behind the counter if they really keep a tabulation of those calls. He told me they did enter them in on the computers.

I asked why you would not release the numbers of calls and the numbers for and against as Mr. Manzullo did.

He told me that it would be revealing private information about callers.

“How so?” I asked, you wouldn’t be giving out their names.

He stammered and said they received many calls about many issues. I heard that you reported to the Northwest Herald that your numbers were 2 to 1 in favor of the bill.

Oddly as I talked to the young man I looked at a yellow sticky pad next to his computer with the headers NO and YES and tabulations underneath.

Do you know the NO side had, at my best guess, 3 to 4 times the numbers of tabulations as the YES side?

When I called your office I was told you had not decided and were currently reading the bill.

You must be the ONLY person to have the bill because as far as the public is being told it is not even finished or released.

Are you REALLY undecided Ms Bean?

I have heard this from you before and you always seem to have decided to vote in line with Pelosi and her “Destroy America” agenda.

Do you really think you will be re-elected after saddling us with a bankrupt country and giving future generations no hope for a life free of extreme tax burdens?

Is this the future you want for your family?

I understand you will leave office with pensions and healthcare and perks none of us can have.

Does that seem reasonable?

Obama doesn’t want executives form private companies given payment for causing financial chaos yet he has no problem throwing Economics 101 out the window himself.

You may recognize some of the structures across the street.

As we stood out there, 500 strong, we stood next to a group of people who someone had bused in from Chicago.

I did not know your district included the city of Chicago!

I spoke to a number of them and quite frankly all I could conclude is that they are in favor of a socialist country where population is controlled and have no understanding that they themselves if they are lucky enough to still have a job are the ones paying for this boondoggle.


They cheered at the word “socialism.”

I was told we needed population control because there aren’t enough jobs, and many told me “government “ should pay for healthcare.

This is a very sad point in America’s history.

I didn’t think my heart could break anymore than it did after 911.

Looking back, at least America was united back then.

Flags were the order of the day.

You and your fellow Democrats have in very short time managed to rip the seams right out of our beautiful flag.

You will all go down in shame, if history is correctly written.

That is a very big “IF”.

God Bless America, she is in deep trouble,

Name  Withheld

= = = = =
You can find more information about the rally here.


A Letter to Melissa Bean — 6 Comments

  1. I love the pictures of people (aging individuals) who are probably benefiting from Medicare. They don’t want the government involved in healthcare right? So I’m sure that they are willing to surrender their Medicare and support themselves right? And no one on at these protests are EVER going to accept unemployment or social security right?

  2. March 20, 2010: Press Release from Mellisa Bean. She plans on voting YES for the Health Care bill. Phil Crain pulled the same stunt not serving his constituents, Melissa will go down in the same manner, as a has been.
    Bye Bye Bean in November.

  3. I am so sick of these right winger numbskulls (YOUR WORD) telling me that I don’t want this legislation., I most certainly DO and apparently so does the rest of this country because we VOTED BARACK OBAMA INTO OFFICE TO DO JUST THIS! I am so sick of being told that because angry people stand on the side of route 14 with racist signs they get to run this country. I am sorry you’ve misread the constitution: IT DOESN’T WORK THAT WAY.

    Your messiah Rush Limbaugh said “ELECTIONS HAVE CONSEQUENCES” and it might have been the one time he was right.

  4. Some people don’t have a high degree of confidence that retribution might be in their future for writing what the above friend of McHenry County Blog wrote.

    You might not understand that, but other readers will.

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