Obama Health Care Bill to Create 16,500 Jobs

Under the Democrats’ Health Care Reform bill, as many as 16,500 new jobs will be created in the Internal Revenue Bureau.

Auditors and agents to make sure businesses report all their employees (so long, underground cash economy?) and those who are uninsured pay their tax.

There are 3,140 Counties in the USA.

That’s an average of five new, well-paying Federal government jobs per county.

There is no provision for more doctors.


Obama Health Care Bill to Create 16,500 Jobs — 4 Comments

  1. So you’re in favor of the “Underground cash economy”? This loss has really driven Republicans ’round the bend, hasn’t it?

  2. Yes, and you should see the snazzy uniforms they are desigining for the Health Care Investigators. Khaki or brown shirts with a circular emblem on the shirt pocket, black trousers and black boots that come up to the knee. There is some debate about the leather strap running over the shoulder and connecting to the trouser belt – there are some that feel it will get in the way of the firearms that these Investigators will be carrying.

  3. I think we ought to start going to the democrat blogs and attacking them? What do ya say?

  4. If this is the type of hope and change Obama was talking about I don’t want any part of it! I wonder why isn’t anyone talking about impaching this guy yet? I can’t wait to see Obama get voted out in a few more years and good riddance! Hopefully there is still something left of this country! Obama would love nothing more then to see each and every American sitting at home and waiting for their next government check!

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