Patriots United Questioner Featured in Sun-Times

Imagine my surprise as I was reading the Chicago Sun-Times today and I recognized a face featured in the

What’s in it for you?

Articles about the health care reform bill.

Take a look at the head shot of Barrington business owner Don Sherry.

Although he admits to having a health insurance policy with a high deductible, he says,

“This isn’t a cost issue. This is a moral issue.”


Don Sherry asking a question at the Patriots United Health Care Townsh Hall meeting. Bill Parrot is holding the microphone.

At the Patriots United Town Hall Meeting at the Crystal Lake Holiday Inn this summer, he said,

““I am totally against everything I heard tonight,” the small businessman said. “I cannot afford health care for my employees,” he explained. After missing one health insurance payment, he was judged ineligible because he had a prior condition of high cholesterol.

“Boy, did I get in the wrong room,” he said as he left the room after Manzullo explained that “association coverage” where small business were put in a huge pool would solve his problem.

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