Sheriff’s Deputy Eric Woods Makes Return Trip to the Hospital

McHenry County Sheriff’s Deputy Eric Woods must have been received bullet fragments wounds worse than folks thought.

So far, only Woodstock Advocatehere and hereand McHenry County Sheriff’s Department Exposedhere and here—have run articles.  You can find my first article with the guts of all the reports written by deputies at the scene and provided by the Sheriff’s Department here.

Not a word yet in the Northwest or the Daily Herald.

Today, I’ll add the information that injured Deputy Eric Woods was not only hospitalized at Centegra’s Woodstock hospital last week right after he received gunshot wounds to his face, right hand, left arm and inner left thigh, but the latter part of this week he was back at Centegra’s McHenry hospital.

As you will imagine, if you read all of the posts by the non-dead tree publications above, there is a real story here, the fullness of which remains to be revealed.

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