Dorr Township Republican Turnout

Precinct Map of Dorr Township

Earlier I calculated and posted the percentage turnout in the February 2nd Republican primary election for each precinct in

The figures are not for the percentage that voted in all primary elections; rather, they show the percentage of people who voted in the Republican primary.

The GOP turnouts were poor this year, even in the best precincts.

It used to be that Charlie Nelson and I would compete to see who could get the highest turnout. It would always be above 40% and was nearer 50% some years.  This year, only 24.2% turned out in our Algonquin Precinct 7 primary election.

No more.

Surely there are TEA Party folks who would like to see if they can influence votes at the ballot box.

Look at Dorr Township. County Board member Virginia Peschke did best—just under 25%.

The next best was Tom Zanck’s at 20.1%.

County Board member Tina Hill, on the ballot in a three-way race was next with 18.5, closely followed by former County Board member John Jung, seeking to recapture the seat he lost to Democrat Paula Yensen two years ago. 18.2% of his precinct voted in the Republican primary election.

Newly-elected McHenry County Circuit Clerk Katherine Keefe saw 14.1% of her precinct take a GOP ballot. McHenry County Sheriff’s candidate Zane Seipler pulled 13% to the polls.

All the rest of the precincts—seven in all—but Tom Harding’s are vacant. Harding got 10% opting for a Republican ballot.

Unlike other townships with Republican township officials, I see none as precinct committeemen.

Lots of room for improvement in Dorr Township.

  • Dorr 1 – (10%) Tom Harding
  • Dorr 2 – (11%)
  • Dorr 3 – (10.4%)
  • Dorr 4 – (10.8%)
  • Dorr 5 – (13.3%)
  • Dorr 6 – (13.5%)
  • Dorr 7 – (18.5%) Tina Hill
  • Dorr 8 – (10.6)
  • Dorr 9 – (14.1%) Katherine Keefe
  • Dorr 10 – (13%) Zane Seipler
  • Dorr 11 – (18.2%) John Jung, Jr.
  • Dorr 12 – (20.1%) Tom Zanck
  • Dorr 13 – (5.3%)
  • Dorr 14 – (24.9%) Virginia Peschke

Remember, if a precinct does not have a name after it, there is no elected precinct committeeman. (The office is “precinct committeeman,” even if the person holding it is a woman.)

So, if you are interested in filling a vacancy by appointment, drop me an email and I’ll pass the information on.

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