8th District Watch – Walsh to Follow President’s Advice

What follows is an interesting press release from 8th District Republican congressional candidate Joe Walsh. While it takes up the President’s challenge to go for repeal of the Democrats health care plan (not likely since the President has a veto pen), it gives me the opportunity to share results from an automated poll regarding voter feelings about the recently-passed health care reform package. Look at the illustration I have inserted below.

Walsh’s press release follows:

Walsh to Obama: “I’m Going For It”

Joe Walsh

(Grayslake, Ill)– “They’re actually going to run on a platform of repeal…My attitude is, go for it… If they want to have that fight, we can have it.”  – President Barack Obama, speaking on the GOP in Iowa last week.

This is the typical, single-party combative nature of this administration and those starry-eyed individuals who follow it like my opponent, Rep. Melissa Bean.

It is the arrogance of power that blinds them to the real issues.

This isn’t about some juvenile schoolyard fight between Democrats and Republicans.  This profound disagreement is about the idea of the federal government completely taking over one-sixth of the American economy.

It is battle worth fighting because as we have seen over and over again, the government is much less effective and much less efficient than the private marketplace.

Thank you for the invitation Mr. President, I will indeed “go for it.”

However, my commitment to repealing, reforming and replacing the legislation just passed is not to score political points against my opponent.

Rather, I will “go for it”

  • to protect the privacy of the doctor-patient relationship;
  • to insulate small businesses from higher taxes; and
  • to head off the imposition of untold trillions of dollars in debt on future generations of Americans.

A Rasmussen poll finds nearly 6 in 10 Americans in favor of repeal.  A poll in the 8th district shows the majority of voters and 55% of self-identified Independents said they are less likely to vote for Rep. Bean after her vote for health care.


The Northwest Herald summed it up nicely,

Bean voted against her constituents’ wishes.

That’s the problem in Washington on both sides: legislators who put the interests of their party over the interests of their constituents.

And, it will surprise both the President and Rep. Bean to learn that the people they were supposedly representing want me to “go for it.”

I am ready to pursue common-sense reform rooted in market principles that will create jobs and lower the costs of health care.

I am ready to make policy choices based on economic facts instead of ideological fiction.

I am ready to fight to ensure the liberty that made this country the greatest in the world is preserved for my children.

And that is why I decided to “go for it.”


8th District Watch – Walsh to Follow President’s Advice — 2 Comments

  1. Could we have some information on this “Poll” that shows how outraged we all our about this bill? Not to be rude but I don’t beleive a word of it.

  2. He says he’s refering to a poll. Why do some people think that polls actually speak for us. If he actually lived in the district he would know that the poll is wrong. The people are who really wanted the reform. But since he hasn’t lived here I guess he wouldn’t know what the people here want.
    Maybe the people where he lives don’t want it. Mr. Walsh just opened a campaign headquarters in Grayslake on Rte 83 north of Center across from the State IDOT yard if you want to tell him what you think of his poll. Just to let him know the guys at IDOT aren’t fans.

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