Eric Woods 911 Call

Two deputies and small target at the shooting range. Photo supplied by Sheriff's Department.

Three short calls were made to 911 after McHenry County Sheriff’s Deputy Eric Woods was wounded by ricocheting bullet fragments at the sheriff’s shooting range on March 15th.

Two men and four targets. Photo supplied by the Sheriff's Department.

Others have said that a Flight for Life helicopter was called, but that, instead, an ambulance took the wounded Woods to Centegra’s Woodstock hospital. One of the recordings, which can be found below, mentions that possibility.

Shooting range targets, apparently as seen from the door. Photo supplied by the Sheriff's Department.

Eric Woods 911 call #1

Tape showing the small target was about four feet from the door. Photo provided by the Sheriff's Department.

Eric Woods 911 call #2

Three shell casings near the tape measuring the distance to the small target. Photo provided by the Sheriff's Department.

Eric Woods 911 call #3


Eric Woods 911 Call — 13 Comments

  1. So happy that there is some genuine news reporting. Still no info on this from the print media. How pathetic.

  2. You have this mislabled, its not a 911 call. Thats just a call into the regular MCSO line (338-2144). Thats how they answer that phone number (Sherriffs Radio) as to opposed 911 (911, Whats your Emergency?)

  3. So what’s the story, Cal & EM? A deputy was injured during a training drill? That isn’t really much of a story. Are you trying to imply it was mishandled? Covered up? Some sort of malfeasance? I’ve read the thousands of words, seen the pictures and I’m still wondering- what’s the story?

  4. Here’s the story Joe. What kind of moron shoots at the above pictured metal plate from less than 4 ft. away? Obviously SWAT operators who don’t have a clue about safety ratings or the laws of physics!!

    Who certified these guys?

    And is this the way the room looked for the exercise? Not very realistic training. Looks to me as if they were just putting targets up so a bunch of cowboys have something to shoot at.

  5. Joe,
    Can you spell HAZING??? Believe me, Woods was told to keep his mouth shut or loose his job. This is how Nygren’s department operates.
    The first shot should have been Woods, and he did not shoot. The first shot should have been the dog and the 5th guy shot it. This was messing around gone astray.

  6. I filed a Freedom of Information request for the 911 calls. Thanks for the correction.

  7. This is what Nygren calls “road rash”. Like a kid falling off of a bicycle??? Nygren’s internal investigations equate to CYA. Let’s get together and make sure we tell the same story.
    NWH says that Woods fired the first shot, however the reports by officers present do not say that.
    Are we catching on people??

  8. Frankd Dojr, the MCSD dispatcher at the sheriff’s department answered the first call as “9-1-1 emergency. May I help you?”

    When you read the reports and try to piece together what really happened, you find out quickly that there are critical pieces of information missing, such as 1. who fired; 2. how many rounds were fired; 3. at which targets did which deputies shoot 4. was Flight-for-Life called or not: 5. did it arrive or was it called off after being dispatched.

    There is a suspicious that Woods was sent in first, so that others could gather around a shoot, to give him a taste of what “action” might be. His honest report will confirm that or dispel it. Cal didn’t get Woods’ report or Embry’s report.

  9. Training incidents do occur and it is a fact of police training. If anyone thinks for one minute that there is some evil cover up, they are sadly mistaken. Each year officers are severely injured during training scenarios and even the most prestigious agencies (such as the FBI) suffer such accidents. Not to diminish this accident but bad things happen to good people

    We are in the middle of a contentious Sheriff election and the Oliver Stone types, such as Gus Philpot and his band of buddies such as Zane Seipler love to find controversy where none exists. They love to add to the feeding frenzy.

    I listened to the 911 call and it was handled professionally. There was no hysteria or indication of great bodily harm. Even Deputy Morrow described it as shrapnel wound. These deputies see serious injuries on a daily basis. If they feared the injury for their fellow deputy was critical, they would have stressed such urgency over the phone during the initial call.

    These crazy allegations of hazing are just outright ridiculous. The targets are certified knock over targets and I pray that when the FINAL report is complete, it is published with such vigor as the sniping protagonist use with this unfounded hyperbole.

  10. Well stated, Notawannabee. Lets draw conclusions after all the facts are in. We’ll have the full story soon enough. Sheriff Nygren cannot afford to let this twist in the wind. While he may not be the most amiable or articulate fellow in the county, he certainly is a smart enough politician to realize this will blowback on him, if there is, indeed, any hint of a coverup.

  11. My apologies. I only saw Call #3. I didn’t see the first two calls. Call #3 is the one to obtain the report number by Morrow. I will listen to the first two now that I see them.

    Again, my apologies for poor reading comprehension.

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